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Multiple Emotional Breakdowns

Russsell tries to keep everyone's spirits up. Roxy interviews that she thought seminary school and her faith would give her the strength to get through this, but the rain and cold are breaking her down. She starts crying and Russell tries to buck her up. Roxy interviews that she's alone and sad. And then the sun comes down and everyone rejoices. And Roxy rejoices by speaking in tongues but it kind of sounds like a chant of some sort. Denise and Russell discuss their misgivings with Roxy given her emotional weakness. Then Denise makes a lot of people happy when she says that Roxy can pray for sunshine all she wants if it makes her feel better, but Denise won't be praying for anything because she knows she alone can get herself further in the game. Note that she doesn't say she doesn't believe in God or whatever; she just says that she thinks it's all up to her. I like that attitude. Denise interviews that she won't be asking God for help in their upcoming challenge, because she knows that she needs to make it happen herself.

The three tribes report for Challenge duty. Probst explains that they will have to pull a sled across the sand in order to pick up puzzle pieces, and then others on their team will assemble a giant puzzle as a caller on a platform gives instructions. The first place team gets immunity and blankets and pillows and a tarp. The second place team gets immunity and a tarp. The third place team gets a trip to Tribal Council. The teams strategize about who will take which roles. Kalabaw and Tandang seem to agree quickly but of course, Matsing is a mess. Someone has to pull the sled twice. Angie doesn't want to. Roxy says that she drank less water than anyone else, so she can't do it. Didn't it rain all day and night? Why aren't they trying to collect rain water if water is scarce?

Probst calls the start and the first three pairs run out and grab sleds. Russell and Angie are pulling for Matsing and they're pretty far behind. They also don't get their sled turned around and pointed back to homebase before loading it up, which is a tactical error. And they struggle with the weight, of course. Malcolm and Roxie are the second pair out, and they make up some time, mostly thanks to Malcolm. Russell and Angie struggle on the third round, so they are last to start solving the puzzle. The other two tribes start out fairly even.

Penner and Jeff Kent are solving the puzzle for Kalabaw with Dana calling. When they get to the second puzzle, Penner and Jeff Kent kind of go rogue and stop listening to Dana, even though she doesn't seem to be making mistakes. Lisa is calling for Tandang as Skupin and RC do the solving. Denise is calling for Matsing with Malcolm and Russell solving, since Angie and Roxy are nearly dead from pulling the sled. All three tribes are on the final puzzle but Tandang manages to finish their puzzle first. Penner and Jeff Kent actually listen to Dana again and she leads them to second place, so Matsing has to go to Tribal Council again. Probst notes that Russell seems frustrated and asks about it, and Russell says he's sick of his tribe members giving up on themselves and saying that they can't do the challenges before they've even started. The first time I saw this, I thought Russell was being a jerk but now I see that he's talking about Roxy being unwilling to put in some effort, and I think he has a point.

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