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Roxy sees this as an opportunity to bring up Angie and Malcolm's friendship/alliance/romance/snugglefest. I truly believe that Roxy has a good wedge to use to get rid of Angie, but she's so defensive and annoying in the way that she talks about it, no one wants to listen. Roxy thinks that the way to convince people is to talk nonstop about the issue, loudly, and to whoever will listen. Malcolm tries to explain it away as snuggling for warmth. Roxy gets loud about it again, and Probst asks why it bothers her so much. Roxy thinks it's "a booby trap, literally." Roxy is coming off as really bitchy and awful here.

Probst is very, very upset that Roxy just accused Angie of having a secret alliance, and he can't believe Angie isn't more upset. Angie just shrugs it off and Probst starts yelling at her and telling her that this is enough to get her voted off. Angie doesn't cry or whatever Probst wants out of her, so he claps his hands at her like a dog and tells her to wake up. Here's what I think is going on: Angie knows she's not going home. She's not worried. Why waste energy arguing with Roxy when Angie knows Roxy's leaving in a few minutes? So calm down, Probst. And don't clap at people like they're dogs. It's fucking rude. Roxy tries to get one last shot in at Angie by warning her tribemates not to let Angie and Malcolm take them down and then the voting happens.

And Roxy gets voted out, and no one looks surprised, including Roxy. Even Russell voted for Roxy. That makes me think the writing was on the wall before they went to Tribal, and that's why no one was answering Probst's questions or responding to his pandering. They just didn't want to come right out and say that Roxy was going home in order to avoid a scene before she left.

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