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The Week All The Challenges Had Hugging

Millipede in a skull.

Tribal council. Jeff asks Adam about the tribe not doing that well in challenges. Adam protests that they're improving, and that they communicate better than they used to. This from a tribe about to vote someone off for using the words "mashed potatoes and gravy." Good one, meathead. Adam adds that they only lost the challenge at the end. Which is...I mean, who cares? You suck at the beginning, you suck at the end, what difference does it make? Asked who he gets along with the best, Brad says that he gets along well with everyone. He insists that there really isn't anybody he can say he doesn't like. You can tell it's an unusual season of Survivor when it actually seems at least moderately plausible that that's the truth as Brad currently sees it. Jeff asks Stephannie how she thinks she fits into the tribe. Stephannie says that she hasn't really formed close bonds with anyone yet. I wonder if that's her problem -- no advocates. It's awfully hard to tell from the way this was put together how everyone reached the decision to vote her off, but it probably would have helped avoid the unanimous boot she's about to receive (spoiler by about ten lines!) if Stephannie had at least one person who would have put the brakes on and said that she undoubtedly did not mean to quit just because she craved food.

Now, Jeff asks Nate whether the tribe has a lot more harmony without J.P., considering that they booted him partly on the theory that he was bossy and caused discord. Jeff also asks whether somebody else has stepped up to be a leader. Or, I guess, a "leader." Nate can smell what Jeff is cooking, and he says that there are times when Cristina tries to take over and can be a little bit much. "A little overbearing," he calls her. Jeff asks Cristina about this, and she says that she didn't really realize she was like that. There is eye-rolling all around, especially from Jenny, who simply doesn't believe that bossy people don't know they're bossy. Cristina says that she usually hangs around with police officers, and with more of that same sheepishness that appears genuine, she says that she's glad the tribe told her she was coming across that way, because she doesn't mean to. I kind of admire that, especially if she thinks they're all full-of-shit lazy-asses, because she went belly-up there in a way that many people cannot bring themselves to do. Asked rather randomly whether the tribe has been honest, Adam says he figured that Cristina knew she was "that way." He doesn't really answer the question. Rebecca also non-answers, saying she thinks the tribe may or may not need to be more candid -- she'll know after the vote. No idea what that means, seriously.

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