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The Week All The Challenges Had Hugging

Rebecca drops her hook at fifteen pounds. Sundra is suffering. She doesn't last long, and she's out, too. She looks like she has big arms, too, so I find that a little surprising and weird. So now, it's just Ozzy and JessiFlicka on Aitu, versus Adam/Nate and Cristina/Brad. Cristina struggles for a minute, and Flicka starts to tease that Cristina is sure to drop it. Cristina and Brad both calmly explain that Cristina isn't going to drop anything, and indeed, Cristina gathers herself. The next weight gets added to Cristina and Brad and -- obviously -- JessiFlicka and Ozzy. Nate does not look good, and Adam briefly doesn't either. I definitely would have given that last bit of weight to them, because they are right on the edge. And then, with two pairs still up for Raro, JessiFlicka taunts herself into an early exit by dropping her own weight, so the reward challenge goes to Raro in a fairly easy victory. Once again, in a pure brawn challenge, they are going to have the advantage, even without J.P. I think we already knew that.

So now, it's time to send someone to Exile Island. For reasons that aren't particularly clear to me personally, Raro decides to send Jonathan, again. Adam advocates sending someone who's already been, I suppose to limit the number of different people who might get the idol. I guess that makes some sense, I'm not sure anymore that it matters much at all whom you send to Exile Island in a case like this. Jonathan certainly doesn't look very happy about going back, but I doubt it affects the tribe or the game very much. My sense is that the Exile Island thing is falling a bit flat as a gimmick, and that it needs some punching-up or something. The opportunity to get food, something. When Jonathan is gone, Jeff sends Raro home with their reward. Nothing for you, Aitu.

Back from commercials, a bird helpfully bobs its neck in time with some tropics-friendly music. Even the birds are dancing. Won't you dance along? It is Day 13 at Raro, and it certainly appears as though the wine is gone. I mean, I see two empty bottles, and there are eight people, so it's not like they all got hammered, but still. Brad and Nate wake up and discuss the fact that the wine put Nate right to sleep. Man, wine does that to me, too. Well, red wine does. White wine, on the other hand, has played a role in several of the stupidest evenings of my life. White wine is devil juice. Anyway, just then, Adam returns to camp, and he has a small problem in the form of an octopus stuck to his leg. With some help from Nate, he manages to pry it loose from his muscle-y form. "That's, like, lunch and dinner," Brad remarks, presumably referring to the octopus. Cristina immediately starts telling everyone that they need some coconut juice and coconut pieces and salt water, and Jenny bitches in an interview that Cristina thinks she's doing something for the tribe by making up coconut and octopus recipes. Jenny also says that Cristina tends to be kind of bossy, pointing at people to do different things. I have some mixed feelings about that, because it's not like eight people don't sometimes need somebody to provide some direction if they actually want to do anything. Otherwise, it's like ordering pizza by feminist process, which -- as I have explained before -- I have actually done, and it takes a long time. (Lorenzo's. Oberlin, Ohio. About 1992. The rest of the party is probably still there, discussing breadsticks. Tell them I said hello.) But apparently, Cristina isn't great at making it not annoying when she does it.

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