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We watch as Cristina and Jenny kneel by the water, Jenny washing the knives and the cutting board and Cristina, I think, rinsing the octopus. Unfortunately, she's surprised by a wave, and she floods the pot, and a few pieces escape. It really doesn't look like it's a huge amount that gets out, but she has trouble getting it back. I have to wonder whether anybody would even have known that any was gone if she hadn't made such a big deal about it. As Adam and Brad go down to see what's going on, Cristina mutters to Brad that she thought Jenny was right by her -- apparently saying she thought Jenny would be there to help her grab up the pieces. Up by the fire, Rebecca mutters to Jenny that she'd kind of like Cristina to go next, and Jenny chuckles. When Adam learns that some of the octopus got away, he complains in an interview that he "worked hard" to get the octopus (by stepping on it, apparently), and was upset that Cristina lost it. Of course, she didn't lose most of it. In fact, when Adam comes back to Jenny and Rebecca, he says that they seem to think they have most of the octopus back. He also reports that Cristina said she thought Jenny was right there. Jenny gets very huffy about how Cristina saw her leave, and this, I think, is blown completely out of proportion. I read Cristina to be saying that she wasn't able to get it all, and that she'd thought Jenny was there, but she wasn't, so Cristina couldn't get it all back after it spilled out. Adam also doesn't actually understand what happened, since he says in his interview that Cristina "dropped the bucket," which didn't happen at all. Some just floated out because the water came up. Unfortunate. Jenny makes a big old deal out of this blaming business in an interview of her own, so now we have Cristina saying something that is getting to Jenny second-hand, and what sounded like sheepishness and perhaps a little embarrassment when Cristina said it is being made into a claim that Cristina somehow angrily indicted Jenny for not being there, which just didn't happen. Jenny dramatically declares Cristina the "new J.P.," adding, "So she better watch herself."

A crab crawls, and then it is Day 13 at Aitu. JessiFlicka is talking about fishing, and Yul tells her that he's going to work on catching a chicken. I think "I'm going to catch a chicken" is the "I'm washing my hair" of the Cook Islands. Sorry, JessiFlicka, but Yul is just not that into you. JessiFlicka says that she also wants to take a trip to what she calls "that other island." Ozzy tells us that some of the members of Aitu are indeed thinking of "an expedition" to the other island, because the one they're on is "starting to run out of resources." Exhausted it already, have you? Ozzy and Flicka ask Candice if she wants to go, and she doesn't. Cao Boi, on the other hand, is all in, as Candice explains to us. She says that the reason she didn't want to go was the energy it would take to do all the paddling. She also says she thinks those three are trying to get a fourth and think about an alliance. Indeed, they ask Sundra, too, if she wants to go with them. She does not. For her part, she tells us that she didn't go because she didn't feel like being prodded for hours by people it doesn't appear she likes very much. The expedition sets out carrying Ozzy, Flicka, and Cao Boi. The boat you can handily be glad you are not on, is what this is.

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