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The Week All The Challenges Had Hugging

And guess what? Yul is back at camp with Candice, Becky, and Sundra. And what does he start right out to explain? Well, there's this alliance involving him, Jonathan, Becky, and Candice. So they are looking for a fifth. And who would seem to be handy? Sundra! He tells us that Cao Boi and Flicka voted with this alliance the last time, but that those two are just about impossible to predict. Remember what I said about game trust being all about predictability? Thank you, Yul, for making me sound like I know things. Sundra sits around with this alliance, and Yul makes her the offer to join an alliance with them. Interestingly, Sundra asks whether they've approached Ozzy at all, which I think may be because she doesn't know that the absent Jonathan is part of this and thinks they need another person. Anyway, Yul tells Sundra that while Ozzy seems okay, Yul doesn't so much trust him. She says it in something of a roundabout way, but Sundra gives the okay to joining the alliance. I think she would have been better off showing a little more enthusiasm, but whatever. Later, she Sundra us that her position is a little strange -- she's in this alliance now, but of course...things can change. That they can, lady.

And now...the expedition. Paddling, paddling. The hot sun. The waves. The birds circling. JessiFlicka, Ozzy, and Cao Boi pull their boat up on the beach. Ozzy quickly finds a fruit and picks it happily, saying that it's good for cuts. And as he holds up his finger to show off a cut, he totally flips off the cameraman. I have to think that was intentional, but it looks kind of weak, and besides, what did your camera guy do to you? He adds that they'll grab some coconuts: "Who knows what else we'll find out here?" They wander through the woods, and then we are suddenly around a campfire at Raro, where people are mightily surprised to see these three come out of the bushes. "How're you doing?" Cao Boi asks with a grin, raising his arms. You know how it feels when you're sitting at lunch at work with someone you like, and the one guy comes out of his office who eats the smelly sandwiches, and he's all, "Hey, gang!," and there's just nothing you can do? That's how Raro feels when they see Cao Boi.

Back from commercials, Raro is muttering about what the hell the other tribe is doing here. "It's the three that we can't stand," Rebecca says unhappily as she takes another bite of food. Heh. Me too, pretty much. Cao Boi is all over-the-top happy and so forth, because he just likes to bond with people and cure their illnesses. I wonder if he knows any tricks for annoyance. He hugs Nate. Adam interviews that he was very shocked to see these people show up. Dude, dude! Parvati explains how to pronounce her name, and just as people have been pronouncing it, it's "PAR-va-tee." Not "POV-er-tee," and not "par-VAT-ee." This takes Cao Boi a minute, but he gets it...kind of. Adam says that he didn't like it at all that these people showed up: "I don't think they should be on our island." He says that it's their turf and their territory. "They've got their own island," he says. Cao Boi's efforts to make conversation go nowhere, and Parvati interviews that "it was like awkward silence, crickets chirping..." Then, as she puts it, Cao Boi gave a speech about "Chinese symbology." I'll be damned that symbology turns out to be a word, which I believe Parvati totally did not know and was strictly lucky about, but I am still blowing the whistle on "Chinese."

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