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The Week All The Challenges Had Hugging

So now, Cao Boi Tells A Story. He starts off talking about how his culture reveres horses and dogs and some other things. Not boobies, though. And he explains how in your life, you see that it's full of monkeys and rats. (God, seriously.) But then he kind of keeps talking, and we fade to the sun, and we fade back, and he's...still talking. Jenny yawns. Clouds roll by. The editors get silly, because they had to watch all the raw footage of this, and they do not appreciate it. Cao Boi is still talking. Stephannie says that, after some time passed, "it was a little bit much." Yeah. That much, we got.

Cao Boi talks about how they're going to take some of the healing fruits (noni, apparently), and then he wants to know if they want to work together to get some coconuts and split them. Adam says not on his island. They can go to the other island and do it. Because this is war! And then Cao Boi decides to beg for part of their reward in the form of spices, but they basically all look at him like he's nuts. There have been times when people have shared rewards, I know, but this is not going to be one of those times. I think you have to at least not be actively annoying. To his credit, Cao Boi does only ask the one time, and then he quits. Adam says that he doesn't like being invaded when everything is so "primal." I don't think Adam is exactly an expert on what is "primal," to be perfectly honest. Not to keep bringing up The Grind, but...come on.

Now, let's pay a short visit to Jonathan on Exile Island. He is reading a clue for the idol, so he clearly has not been filled in on the fact that Yul already has it. He tells us that he's going to look for the idol, so they may regret sending him if the thing hasn't been found already. He digs in the sand. Late that night, still digging in the sand, talking about the "million-dollar sandbox." Jonathan clearly spends quite a lot of time looking, and he winds up digging a great big trench in the beach. Yipes. He sort of looks like a crazy person, but my favorite part is that he says it's big enough to bury Yao Ming. Ha! I love it when actual wit appears in things that are merely said to the camera, because being funny with no one there is quite difficult. Jonathan says that there was no idol to be found, so he kind of assumes that it's already gone. I wonder if he'd be pissed to know that his buddy has it and didn't tell him. This could get interesting, because apparently, Yul hasn't shared with anyone but Becky.

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