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The Week All The Challenges Had Hugging

Now, it's immunity-challenge time! Jeff calls everyone in. Jonathan is brought back from Exile Island. Jeff asks Jonathan whether he spent a lot of time looking for the idol. "Lot of time," Jonathan confirms. "Dug a biiiig hole." Jeff: "Are the clues at a point now where you think you know where it should be?" Jonathan says, with a grin, "I think I know where it was. But it ain't there now." I totally missed it on first viewing, but as the EEFPs pointed out, that's actually ambiguous enough that he might fool someone into thinking he had it and was trying to cover. I hope so. That would be clever enough that I'd have to have some respect for it.

All right. Jeff takes immunity back from Aitu. This immunity challenge is kind of a doozy, to say the least. First, your team will put together three "stepping poles," which are basically long, long poles with discs on the ends. You take them out in the water and use them to allow two team members to walk from one platform to another. In other words, the rest of your team has to hold the poles straight and steady in the water with the discs at the top, and two team members walk across them like stepping stones. When that's done, your whole team climbs up and over the second platform and swims to a little tower. Onto that little tower -- the top of which is maybe a couple of feet across, maybe -- you have to squash all eight members of your team, with all sixteen feet and all other parts on or above the level of the tower platform. So you have to figure out how to make eight people fit where two would normally not fit very comfortably.

Ready? Go! Aitu gets its poles assembled first, so it's just a tad ahead of Raro as both teams wade out into the water with the poles. The first walkers are JessiFlicka and Jenny. They go about it differently. Balancing on the poles is very hard, because the discs are very small, and your tribe is holding the pole up, which you would think would be super-secure, but it isn't. Aitu's lead is lost when it has to reassemble a pole, so Jenny gets out a little ahead of Flicka. Jenny does the entire walk hunched over, getting as low as possible. Flicka thinks it will be easier for her just to stay upright, so she walks, balancing like she's on a beam. Another difference is that Raro is using all three poles, while Aitu is using only two. On the one hand, this forces Aitu to switch more often, but it means that Aitu has three people holding each pole instead of two. Eventually, Raro drops the third pole and uses just two. I give both of these women credit -- you can really tell just how much concentration it's taking to stay atop these tiny little platforms. Jenny gets across first, and Raro heads back for Parvati. Flicka finishes up as Parvati has already taken her first step, but then Aitu rushes back to get Becky across. Aitu decides to try to make up some ground by having Becky take bigger steps, meaning that they place the poles farther apart. She responds well and starts to make up ground. Becky is working very much crouched-over here, and she looks really steady.

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