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Ressell Mania

The tribes arrive and Probst explains the challenge: both tribes were given a Stanley-brand toolkit to help around camp that they must also use to win this challenge, which will supposedly test how good they've become with their tools. One member from each tribe will use a crowbar to open a crate. Inside is a shovel that will be used to dig in a sand pit for an axe, which will then be used to chop through a log and a rope holding two saws. Once the saws are released, two tribe members will use them to saw through a wall of wooden panels, releasing planks that will be used to complete a wooden ramp. The entire tribe must then walk up the ramp and onto a platform, where one member will use a hammer to break three tiles. The first tribe to break their tiles wins immunity and today's reward: a barbecue set from Mervyns that comes with lots of food. Krista sits out for Zapato, and we begin.

Ralph and Rob go first for their tribes. Ralph proves to be a master crowbar-user, and easily opens the crate in one motion to give his tribe the early lead. Julie, followed by Grant, dig for their tribes. Julie comes up with the axe first, but Grant isn't far behind. Ralph and Rob return to chop some wood, and here we see how Ralph's redneck ways have given his tribe a clear advantage in this challenge. He obliterates that log in, like, seconds. Rob is stuck chopping away while Mike and Steve start sawing for Zapato. They're about a third of the way through the wall when Grant and Phillip arrive with their saws. Unfortunately, Phillip and Grant aren't very good at sawing or working together, and Onomatopoeia continues to fall behind. Mike and Steve get through the wall, and Stephanie and Sarita run out to place the planks on the ramp. Despite what Probst says about them going slowly and Phillip not digging deep enough, they're still not very far behind Zapato from what I can tell. Stephanie and Sarita appear to be struggling to place their planks as Rob and Kristina arrive at their ramp. But then, Stephanie and Sarita work out a system and quickly get their ramp completed. The entire tribe runs towards the ramp as Rob and Kristina appear to be one plank away from finishing their ramp. Zapato arrives on the platform with their toolkit. Onomatopoeia is close behind. It all comes down to how quickly Stephanie can untie the knots and release the hammer. She makes sure to shush her tribe when they try to help her because she's bossy and annoying, but also manages to free the hammer. Ralph uses it to smash the tiles and Zapato wins. Which isn't possible, what with Li'l Russell not being on their tribe, right? And yet, there we go. The Pee-Wee Leaguers managed to win one all by themselves! And just to make this extra awesome, Ralph, the guy who probably won this challenge for his tribe and who Li'l Russell hates so very much, jumps on a table and crows. In the warm glow of victory, Stephanie hands the idol to Ralph and it's almost as if they don't hate each other.

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