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Savaii. Night 18. The tribe returns from Tribal Council, where they just voted out Ozzy at his request to send him to Redemption Island to beat Christine and prevent her from returning at the merge, which could potentially give Upolu the numbers advantage. Except that Christine hates her former tribe and probably would have joined up with Savaii. Oops. Anyway, Cochran recaps all of that for the cameras, and adds that if it all goes down like they hope, it will be "one of the greatest moves in Survivor history." Well, that depends. Even if it works, it will still be six against six in the first merged Tribal Council. Which is better than seven against five, but it's not exactly a golden path to the finals, by any means.

The remaining tribe members sit around the fire and talk about their plan, but not before Keith takes the opportunity to passive-aggressively bash Cochran for not being willing to go to Redemption Island himself. I didn't see Keith stepping up, right? Did he offer? I don't think he did. I'm not sure why it was Cochran's responsibility to do so, other than that he knew he was going to be voted off, which probably wasn't his first choice of options. Shut up, Keith. And if you have something to say, say it outright instead of talking into the fire and pretending like you're talking about some theoretical person who didn't take one for the team. Anyway. Cochran is prepping for his upcoming double agent role, and wants to know what others want him to say about their bonds, like who is friends with whom and whatnot. Nobody really offers anything up. Cochran interviews that he thinks he'll be good at being a double agent, because he's been pretending all along that he likes the other people on his own tribe. Yeah, and he's been doing such a great job that they all hate him. Cochran is one of those assholes that is all talk in interviews, but when it comes to actually interacting with his tribemates, he backs down in every conversation and is practically scraping and bowing. He would be an excellent online troll. And by "excellent," I mean "incredibly annoying and quickly banned."

Meanwhile, on Redemption Island, Ozzy shows up and wakes Christine. He tells her that Cochran had the Idol, so when they all voted for him, he used it and Ozzy went home. Ozzy is a terrible actor. Have you seen his porn? I haven't, but it's porn, so the acting is, by default, terrible. Anyway, he yells a lot and gets all emotional, which Ozzy never does, so it's obvious he's acting. Not that it really matters what Christine thinks, since if their plan works, she's going home.

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