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Probst congratulates Ozzy and tells him to drop his buff along with everyone else, because they are merging. Everyone starts shaking hands and saying hello, and I note that Cochran immediately goes to Albert and Coach, which is smart, except we know that they didn't buy Ozzy's ruse. But still, at least Cochran is making an effort to keep things going.

The merged tribe returns to camp (a new camp, an old camp, I'm not sure) and they indulge in the traditional merge feast. Jim sidles off for an interview where he mocks the fact that everyone is pretending to get along, when really they all know that it's six against six and someone needs to flip or they may have to draw rocks to see who goes home. Coach and Cochran have become instant BFFs, and Cochran says that he feels reborn with the merge.

A bit later, Cochran and Coach are hanging out together away from camp a bit. Cochran is whining about how his tribe is so MEEEEEEEAN to him, especially Keith, and how they were mean before, but after he botched the last challenge so badly, now they really hate him. Coach asks what Cochran is thinking about, strategically, and Cochran says he's wondering if he's working with the right people right now. All these euphemisms make me think of someone who is trying to figure out if the other person is willing to cheat on their spouse or something. Like they're asking, "Are you happy? Do you feel fulfilled? Don't you miss the excitement?"

So then Coach, who has historically not been my favorite, makes a great play. He says that his tribe isn't budging, and then adds that he thinks Savaii is trying to play them, because he thinks they sent Ozzy to Redemption to get rid of Christine and then made up a story about Cochran being the turncoat. Coach nails every detail of what they actually did. It's pretty amazing. And then Coach says that neither tribe will budge, so he and Cochran will both be drawing rocks and potentially going home. Then he appeals to Cochran's ego by saying that Coach also knows how it feels to be treated poorly by people who are inferior. No, he really says that. That he and Cochran are both intellectually superior to the rest of them, so the others try to cut them down in other ways. Is that really what Cochran thinks is happening? That everyone else is just jealous of his big brains? Because I don't think that's it. I think he looks and acts like a victim, so they treat him like one, which isn't right, but you can see why it happens. Anyway, Coach basically tells Cochran that he can draw rocks and potentially go home, or he can make a big move and be a strong player by betraying Savaii and voting with Upolu. We don't see Coach go into what happens after that, which is the part I'd be most interested in if I were Cochran.

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