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At some point shortly after that, Cochran talks to Sophie, Albert, and Coach. Sophie says that the whole illusion Savaii tried to create was pretty obvious. Cochran spills all the beans and says that Ozzy woke up and said he had a dream and that he needed to earn redemption. Cochran adds that he doesn't want Upolu to see him as someone who is disloyal, since he'd be ditching his old tribe. Albert says it's not disloyal, since they treated him so poorly and he's obviously not in the inner circle of Savaii. Does Cochran understand that Upolu will say whatever they think he wants to hear since they so desperately need him to switch? If he were smart, he'd open up a negotiation where he would offer up his vote to anyone who would promise him something. They might break their promise, but they might not. He's actually in kind of a powerful position here. Although then everyone might just vote him out to get rid of his ambivalence, I guess. And throughout all these scenes, I did have in the back of my mind that he might still be playing Upolu and trying to gather information to take back to Savaii. Although I don't think Cochran is that good of an actor. He just looks too happy to finally be among people that don't treat him like dirt.

Cochran then has a little chat with Brandon, who wants to know which Savaii member that Cochran wants to get rid of. Cochran says that Jim has a temper, and could blow up on Cochran once his betrayal is known, but Keith has been the most consistently rude to him. Brandon promises that Cochran will be protected. What's Brandon going to do, pray them to death? Come on. Cochran interviews that he considers himself a strategist and a mastermind (which is why he has nearly been voted out like twice? And no one on his tribe likes him?) but not an evil mastermind, so he gives Ozzy the Idol back. Well, not to mention that keeping it would mean tipping his hand in advance and probably eliminate the possibility that any of the Savaii would vote for him if he made it to the finals. So let's not pretend it's not at least partially strategic. Cochran goes on about how he's in control and he doesn't have to deal with his former tribe members who don't like or respect him and it's AWESOME. Here's the thing he doesn't address: right now he's #6 on a six-person alliance, right? So he wants to switch and be #7 in a seven-person alliance? I mean, perhaps he figures that he can hang with Upolu while they vote off Savaii one by one and hopefully improve his status and break up sub-alliances and whatnot. But I wish he would say that. Maybe he did the editors didn't want to give away his vote by putting it in. Who knows?

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