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Another rule that Probst forgot to mention in the opening was that you can't let the ropes or coconut touch your body, like use your torso to balance it. And Edna does, so she's out first. Useless. Cochran is out second. Also, useless. The first round ends and they lengthen the ropes for the second round. Whitney goes out pretty much immediately, so that means either Sophie or Dawn will win immunity. Probst is barely done saying how Sophie is doing a good job when she drops her coconut, so Dawn has immunity.

But what about the men? Everyone but Cochran is still playing. Coach is out next. Everyone is dripping sweat. I don't know why everyone didn't put a buff or whatever around their heads when they found out what the challenge was to prevent sweat issues. Rick the Cowboy is out next, followed quickly by Jim and Keith (who has a little temper tantrum).

And it's time for the final lengthening of the ropes. I have to admire the challenge producers this round; they found an endurance challenge that does require some stamina but it isn't like in seasons past where it takes hours and hours of boring standing around. So only Brandon, Ozzy, and Albert are left. Brandon tries to adjust his grip and drops his coconut, leaving only Ozzy and Albert. Ozzy is wobbly but Albert has a very strange posture and he can't really move around to get more comfortable. He ends up dropping his coconut and stupid Ozzy wins immunity.

Back at camp, the former Savaii has a meeting to discuss their plan. They are psyched that two of them have immunity, so there is a lesser chance that one of them will go home when rocks are drawn. They also discuss voting for Sophie or possibly Rick. They are assuming (correctly) that Upolu has an idol, and will play it on someone, but they don't think Rick will be that someone. Ozzy wants to do one final check that everyone is solid on their tribe and is okay with going to rocks. Cochran stupidly wavers and then tries to play it off like, "Why do you keep asking me?" Maybe because you're a weasel. Here was Savaii's mistake though; they had to know Cochran was vulnerable to flip. They should have been on him like white on rice. Boston Rob wouldn't have left Cochran alone to wander around. Although, I guess they didn't know that the jig was up and Upolu knew their plan? Still. They were arrogant and relied on their weakest member, and it was dumb.

Jim explains why picking rocks is better for his team, odds-wise. Strange that none of them have figured out that teams don't matter any more, and they should be playing for themselves now. Then Savaii discusses who should get the Idol, and they decide on Whitney, because they think that Upolu is going to vote for Whitney. I didn't get this at all on first viewing, but some forum posters explained it to me in small words, and now I get it. The following people will not have to draw rocks: Ozzy, Dawn, and whomever got votes in the first two votes. Upolu will want the strong players on Savaii to potentially go home, which means Jim and Keith. So they won't vote for Jim or Keith, making them eligible to draw rocks. That leaves Whitney (since they can't vote for Dawn or Ozzy, and presumably they think Cochran's on their side). I'm not sure why they have to play the Idol on Whitney since she won't have to draw rocks either way. Either Upolu votes for her, and she doesn't, or Ozzy gives her the Idol, and she doesn't. Just to make things even more confusing, it's not clear if someone who plays the Idol has to draw rocks or not, but I guess they're assuming she doesn't. So why play the Idol at all? I don't know. My head hurts. Cochran interviews that he doesn't care if the chances are one in three or one in thirty that he'll go home; he doesn't like to think about reducing his game to one of chance. Whatever, Cochran.

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