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After the voting, Ozzy plays the Immunity Idol for Whitney. Upolu doesn't play theirs. Probst reads the votes, and Keith gets six (oops, not Whitney) and Rick gets six. So then it's time for a revote, and Probst reminds them that this is their last chance to change their vote. Everyone except Rick and Keith vote, and they have to vote for either Rick or Keith. What will Cochran do? I really thought that he would stick with Savaii. I don't know why, but I really didn't think he would flip. Probst grabs the votes and reveals them. He flips over five votes for Keith, and four votes for Rick. And the final vote is for Keith, so Keith is going to Redemption Island. Coach is all smiles. Cochran turns around to Ozzy and Jim and says, "I swapped. I'll explain it." What is he going to explain? Ozzy, at least, looks kind of amused. Jim calls Cochran a coward twice, and Brandon speaks up and says, "Don't talk to him like that. And that's what you get for talking to him like that in the first place." Of all the things to call him, coward? Asshole, sure. Disloyal. Liar. But coward? Anyway, as they all leave, Brandon tells Cochran to stick close to him and we have to wait until next week to see what the fallout is of Cochran's big move.

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