Double Tribal, Double Trouble

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Two, Two, Two Boots In One

Survivors ready...go! The teams run up to the first walls. The guys seem to spread out to work on different knots, while I guess the women think they can gang up on knots to untie them faster. The guys get the first gate open and run to the second wall. Jeff chastises Yasur for "moving slow." Yeah, you try it, punk. Travis and J.P. work on throwing the grappling hooks and dragging the keys back. Yasur gets through the first wall and, leading with Eliza's boobs, they run through to the second gate. Elsewhere, J.P. finds a ring with a hook. And that's not dirty, and I don't even know what it would mean if it were dirty, but it's not. But it seems like it is, which may be because it's him. I don't know. Scout's first toss of the hook doesn't go far enough. J.P. pulls back a key. Yasur hooks a key, and Twila pulls it in. J.P. hooks another key, and they drag it back. But in a most unfortunate turn of events for the boys, J.P. goes to throw the hook, and he loses it completely, so it goes flying to the other side and is lost for the moment. Scout twirls the hook for so long that Jeff asks her whether she's "going to throw that thing or dance with it."

Man, I hate recapping challenges.

Leann grabs Yasur's second key, and Twila reels it in. Lopevi has decided to go after their grappling hook, which I kind of don't understand, since they only have one left to get. I mean...just get the key, right? Whatever. Anyway, they pull their hook back, and J.P. then snags their last key as Scout blows the throw again. The guys have all their keys, and they unlock their gate and go to the third wall. Twila pulls in the last Yasur key, and the women start unlocking. Elsewhere, the men are starting to untie the poles at the final wall. When they're untied, the guys start crawling through a chest-high opening in the wall. Sarge -- in a move that's sure to make him fairly unpopular -- yells at the guys as they go through. Seriously, man, being a leader is good, but these guys are going to get really hungry and tired soon, and barking at them is going to make you a big fat target, no matter how lovable you think you are. I'm saying, Beetle Bailey. Sarge and Brady start bringing guys through the opening -- again, not dirty -- as the women unlock the last wall. Sarge himself is the last to crawl through, and the men run to the mat, victorious. So they win reward, and they'll move on to individual immunity. The women go to have a seat, since they have been abruptly rendered irrelevant. Which might be unfortunate, except that it's these particular women.

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