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Kalabaw returns from their first Tribal Council on Night 13 and talks about how they don't want to ever go back to Tribal. Katie interviews that she's screwed because she lost Dana to illness and Dawson to elimination, so she's got no alliance left. To add insult to injury, her tribe seems to be voting based on strength and she's at the bottom of that totem pole too.

The next morning, the guys are out in the water and Katie and Denise talk strategy. They agree that one of the guys has the Idol and it's probably Penner. Denise points out that it makes sense to wait to eliminate stronger players after the merge, but Katie adds that there's no guarantee of even making it to the merge -- or that there will be a merge -- so they should blindside Penner while they have the chance.

Tandang is discussing their food supplies. Abi points out that they don't have much rice left and shows everyone the mostly empty bag. Pete interviews that Skupin has been eating raw rice, thinking it cooks in your body. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Your stomach is not a cauldron of boiling water; it's full of acid and what doesn't break down will pass into your intestines. And a tiny bit of uncooked rice makes a lot of cooked rice that will fill you more. I would be so pissed. Anyway, Pete adds that Skupin is useless and I'm starting to agree with him. Abi wants to skip breakfast and save their limited rice supply for later, but Skupin pushes for just a cup of rice. Artis interviews that Skupin has eaten them "out of house and home" and now that they have Malcolm, Skupin is expendable.

The tribes report to the Reward Challenge. Probst explains that there is a giant ball in the middle of a mud field and it will be three-on-three, attempting to push the ball into a goal on the other end of the field. The first tribe to get three goals wins Reward, which is a lunch of sandwiches, soups, potato chips and cookies. That sounds great to both tribes. Tandang has to sit out one man and one woman, so they sit out RC and Artis. I guess now that they have Reward Challenges, they're enforcing the rule where no one can sit out two challenges in a row?

Lisa, Skupin and Pete are going up against Penner, Carter and Denise in the first round. They run to the ball and start rolling it around and tackling one another. Lisa does an especially admirable job against Denise, considering that Denise seems much stronger. For a while, it looks like Kalabaw is making some progress, but eventually they get deadlocked in the mud in very uncomfortable positions. For example, Penner is on the ground with his head almost under the ball and Skupin sitting on his back. They are all covered in mud. An hour passes and Penner and Skupin face off on opposing sides of the ball. They're exhausted.

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