Down and Dirty

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Tandang also returns to camp and Artis is still pissed. He interviews that Skupin is making decisions for their tribe and he sucks, and he's pissed that RC was cheering Skupin on. The rice is delivered from Kalabaw and it's about the same amount that Tandang already had. RC points out that they doubled their rice, but everyone seems fairly down in the dumps. Lisa interviews that it felt like more than a regular loss, because they forfeited. Abi is bitching in the shelter about how stupid their deal was. RC and Malcolm try to put a positive spin on it, but Abi just wants to bitch, bitch, bitch. Abi verifies that they now have two days' worth of rice left and someone (Pete?) suggests that they start eating smaller amount is so that the rice will last longer. Abi chuckles sarcastically that she was getting to that, but she knows people are "huuuuuungry."

I can't really convey her tone every time she speaks. Bitchy is close but doesn't quite cut it. She's also condescending -- the type of person that would bite your head off if you dare contradict her. So no one does, even though she's obviously making all of them miserable. I mean, she's not wrong about the smaller portions, but she's just being such an asshole about it. And if she thought their deal was so dumb, she should have vetoed it. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who don't voice their opinions on a decision when it's being made and then bitch about the outcome. It could be that she's doing it strategically and trying to set up a case to vote out Skupin, but I doubt it, because she would have said so in her interviews and she didn't.

RC walks up to Skupin on the beach and reveals that Artis was cursing Skupin's name during the competition because he thought Skupin was making a bad deal. Skupin is totally oblivious to this and wonders why Artis agreed to it. Skupin has multiple scratches and cuts all over his body; is he the most accident-prone person alive? Probably, because anyone more accident-prone would be dead by now. RC and Skupin discuss how ridiculous it is for their tribemates to complain, since they all had a chance to veto the deal or at least express reluctance, and no one did. RC interviews that Abi, Pete and Artis are really negative, but they do have the numbers to control the tribe, so RC's strategy is to stay out of their way and let Abi blow up and hopefully implode her chances. RC doesn't know that Abi has the Idol, though.

As promised, Penner goes out fishing, but he doesn't have much luck either spearing rays in the shallows or when he goes out diving. Carter and Katie sit on the beach and discuss how hungry they are, and Carter adds that he doesn't think he will last long if they are playing a game of who can starve longer. He doesn't have much meat on his bones. Penner returns with two tiny, tiny fish. I mean, they are smaller than the palm of Katie's hand when whole. They rip then apart and eat them, and they don't taste good either. Penner tries to spin it as "pure protein" but no one's buying it. Katie and Carter immediately go negative, with Carter whining that he's hungry and Katie noting that the rice gave you immediate energy, which they need. Penner interviews that he knows that Carter is hungry, and they need to win the Immunity Challenge today because the numbers are tipping in Tandang's favor. Not to mention, it could save Penner's hide because it seems like his tribe is not happy that he promised them fish and then couldn't deliver.

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