Down and Dirty

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Both tribes report for the Immunity Challenge. We've seen this challenge before: one tribe member used a giant slingshot to fling balls into a field where the other tribe members try to catch them in giant lacrosse sticks, sort of. People can catch the ball flung by their tribemate or the other tribe's ball; both count as a point. First tribe to five points wins. Tandang needs to sit out one man and one woman again, and Skupin and Malcolm do rock paper scissors to determine that Skupin will be sitting out. Yeah, he could get SERIOUSLY injured in this challenge, so that's probably good. Abi is also sitting out yet again, and Probst makes sure to give her shit about it. Abi claims that it wasn't her choice to sit out; we know nothing about the decision-making process, so I don't know how truthful she's being.

Lisa is launching for Tandang and Denise is launching for Kalabaw. Each person is paired up with someone from the opposing tribe and they have to hold onto poles until the balls are released. Penner earns a point on the first round, but Pete and RC catch both balls in the second round to give Tandang a 2-1 lead. Probst picks on Katie for missing a catch, when RC missed the same ball in the same way and he didn't bring her up. He just hates Katie. Jeff Kent catches the next three to give Kalabaw a 4-2 lead. Katie misses one and Probst gives her shit when it was really just a bad toss. Malcolm catches the next two and Probst gets a boner for him, and now it's tied 4-4.

Penner realizes that Carter is having no luck guarding Malcolm, so he asks if Carter wants to switch out with Jeff Kent. Carter looks exhausted and quickly agrees. It doesn't matter though, as Malcolm catches the next ball and wins Immunity for his tribe. Malcolm is the hero of his tribe! Plus we don't have to see what would probably be a scarily explosive Tribal Council with Tandang.

Back at camp, Kalabaw retreats to lick their metaphorical wounds. Penner thinks they should have just basically tackled Malcolm once it because clear that he was their scorer; what remains unsaid is that Carter wasn't strong enough to do so. Well, it remains unsaid publicly; Jeff Kent does say it in an interview and then also talks about how he's still unsure about his alliance with Penner. Remember, he only gave him the four-fingered handshake, so...

Jeff Kent and Carter talk strategy while everyone else is away from camp. They both like Denise and think Katie is useless. But Jeff Kent points out that they all agreed that they don't want a veteran to win this season, so this might be their only chance to blindside Penner. Carter says that he really wants to vote out Katie, but he will vote out Penner if that's what the group decides to do. Jeff Kent thinks they should stick with their original plan and Carter agrees. Carter interviews that he agrees with Jeff Kent on the one hand, but it might be good to take Penner into a merge because he attracts a spotlight, which would divert attention from Jeff and Carter. Jeff Kent seems pretty set on voting out Penner and advises Carter to keep it secret so that Penner doesn't get wind and play his Idol.

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