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So guess what dummy Carter does? He immediately asks, "Penner, what do you want to do? Katie or Penner? I mean, Katie or Denise?" Whoops. Luckily, Penner doesn't seem to notice the slip-up and argues that Denise gives them a better chance to win challenges. Penner emphasizes that he hates to be disloyal but it's what his gut is telling him. Katie walks up to the conversation and Penner immediately tells her that it's Denise and then leaves. Katie tells Carter and Jeff Kent that she thinks Penner is shady as fuck and that she trusts Denise a lot more than she does Penner. Katie interviews that she knows she's not strong, but she needs to make a play to convince the others that it's their only chance to ditch Penner. Jeff Kent tells her that he's considering it, and then interviews that he's weighing his options carefully. Penner goes back up to check in with his alliance-mates and make sure they're still cool. They tell him they are. Jeff Kent has one final interview where he says the easy play is to vote Katie out, but it might not be their smartest move for reasons stated previously. Plus, Jeff Kent knows that Penner has an Idol.

Kalabaw reports to Tribal Council. Probst immediately asks who thinks they are in trouble, and Denise and Katie raise their hands. Denise says that she's worried being the last to join the tribe. Katie says that she's worried because she doesn't perform well in challenges, but she hopes her tribemates know that she's loyal. Probst ask Penner why he's not even worried about a blindside. Penner says that he didn't want to even put the idea in anyone's head and he wanted everyone to think he wasn't worried. Didn't he just put the idea in people's head? Although what other answer could he have given, I guess.

Jeff Kent tells Probst that they all like one another now, so there are no more easy votes and every vote will have to be a blindside. Probst wants to hear Penner's thoughts on that, and Penner agrees that their tribe has been drama-free, and it's easier to blindside someone than to tell them ahead of time. Penner admits that he wouldn't like it if he got blindsided, but he would appreciate the gameplay and wouldn't take it personally.

Probst asks the most leading question: "Jeff, do you play any other game that's similar to Survivor in terms of strategy?" Why not just ask, "Jeff, are you familiar with the Jeff Kent that was a professional baseball player?" Jeff Kent doesn't take the bait and says that this game sucks because you bond with people and then have to vote them off. Katie speaks up and says that she's going to vote based on loyalty. Penner says that Katie might be speaking specifically to someone on the tribe with those words. He adds that if he's the one getting blindsided, he understands why his tribemates wouldn't tell him ahead of time, because he would do anything he could to convince them to vote off someone else in whatever time he had.

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