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Scout asks Eliza if she's okay with booting Bubba. Eliza says that she's just nervous about throwing all the guys off their team, because she's afraid that they'll just be even more likely to lose immunity challenges over and over if they do that. She wonders if they're "shooting [them]selves in the foot." She interviews that she doesn't really want to boot the guys anyway. "Well," Lisa says, as if Eliza is dumb, "we're not going to kick one of us off." Eliza makes a face like, "It's not a sorority, dummy. Nobody swore lifelong sisterhood." As the women stand around the fire, Rory and Bubba go off and pray together, hug, and discuss how much they love each other. (As one of the EEFPs noted, consider the upcoming votes these guys are going to cast. "Who are they praying to?" the EEFP wondered. "Judas?" Heh.)

Volcano! Suddenly, it is night, and it is time for tribal council. Yasur comes tromping up to the fire. They sit down, and Jeff asks Lisa whether, in light of how long the teams remained divided along gender lines, this is actually one tribe now. She tries to be polite, talking about how they tried to welcome the guys to the tribe, and how "it feels like they've been with [Yasur] forever." Well, except for the part where there was all the predestined plotting against them. But other than that, it's definitely all one tribe now. Jeff asks Leann whether she's really accustomed herself to the new tribes, or whether it's still boys against girls in her mind. Leann cuts right to the chase, and admits that, to her, it's still boys against girls. As it has been since second grade, so shall it ever be.

Asked the same thing, Ami gives the biggest bullshit answer ever, saying that "this morning, [she] thought [they] were all one team." As stated previously, bullshit! She didn't even want to give them coconut advice, and she said from the beginning that it was still the five women together. Grrrr. I hate people who try to convince you they're taking the high road by trampling a lot of other people. She gives her big BS explanation of why she knew that Bubba's horrible betrayal meant they were "not a team," blah dee blah. Needs. To. Shut. Up. Bubba explains exactly what he wanted, which was to convince the other team to drop the challenge. "We had all intentions on winning," Leann snots, apparently offended that Bubba feared they couldn't win on their own, which would be a lot more convincingly indignant if they hadn't already lost, so what the fuck? And then Ami throws in that they weren't going to get rid of Bubba anyway. Rory makes a face like, "Yeah, thanks for that." And honestly, Ami, who are the "we" who weren't going to get rid of "you" if it's all one team? What Bubba was doing was definitely a move against the women on an individual level, given that it addressed post-merge strategy, but it was not in any way a move against his team on a team level, as it would have been if he'd offered to throw the challenge, know what I mean? Their whole argument on this point is so without merit that you feel like if they had given it fifteen seconds of thought, the women would have figured that out, even though they're really not that bright. Asked whether he's nervous, Rory flatly says that the only thing that was going to change the fact that he or Bubba was going to get canned would have been winning the challenge, because the women never had any intention of allowing them to disrupt the preexisting alliance. Well, at least he's straightforward.

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