Earthquakes And Shake Ups!

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I Feel The Earth Move...Zzzzz...

Leann votes. Rory votes for Bubba, apologizing to his "brother." Lisa votes. Bubba votes for Rory. "Rory, I picked you, and...uh, go get 'em, girls." I think he knew he was the one. Scout votes. Ami votes, holding up her vote and smarming into the camera, all femme-fatale-in-a-porno-movie, "Sorry, Bubba. You know why." HAAAAATE her. She also writes in all-lowercase letters. I hate that I can't ban people from TV. Eliza votes.

Jeff reads the votes. Bubba, Rory, Bubba, Bubba, Bubba. So, he's done. He gets up and brings over his torch. Snuff! As Bubba retreats, Jeff tells the team that Yasur is down to six, and that now, we'll see if the women stick together and, of course, when and whether there's a merge.

In his exit interview, Bubba fixates on the mistake of communicating with Lopevi, which is okay, but honestly, it didn't make nearly as much difference as Ami claimed. He was gone anyway. If not this week, next week. Goodbye, Bubba. Wash your shirt.

Next week: Rory stands up for himself. Chad digs Julie's naked ass. And probably, nothing at all important happens in the actual game.

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