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Anyway, Bubba wants to know, if Chad has a problem with where Bubba's been sleeping, why Chad didn't just sack up in a manly fashion and say something, rather than going to Sarge like he's a camp counselor. And in theory, I agree, but in practice, I don't know if that would have worked any better. Furthermore, I think Chad wanted to present it as a tribe-management issue, not his personal beef about wanting to sleep in a better spot. This is basically what Chad says -- that he wasn't the only person who was irritated about the sleeping positions. In interviews, Bubba rejects the entire idea that it makes any difference what spot you sleep in, but Chad clarifies that the wind comes the same way most of the time, so if you sleep to the bad side of the fire, you get smoke and ash blowing on you all night long. Chad adds that Bubba got stubborn about it and was not going to give up the prime spot. Obviously, if Bubba really believed what he's saying and he thought it didn't matter, he'd just say, "Oh, I had no idea you cared. Sure, we'll rotate." I mean, he'd say it more like, "I's jes sat down 'ere cuz'n I dun wun fubba holla tem lack-ree mush," but it would mean the same thing. But he doesn't say that, because he doesn't want smoke in his face all night. Instead, he goes into a huffy, passive-aggressive "Fine, then, I won't even sleep around the fire" thing, and you can just see that his constitution and his attitude are going downhill in a hurry. Bubba interviews that, indeed, he's "getting kind of tired of hanging out with these men. It's so lonely." I'm thinking he's really not cut out for this,'s Day 11, dude. I shared a cabin with twits for longer than that at summer camp when I was nine. You'll live. And...does he have any other clothes besides the Bob Barker shirt? Because...I suspect that thing is about ready to get up and spin the big wheel on its own, if you get my drift.

Later, the team spots two gentlemen approaching their beach in a boat. Bubba's response is, "Guhn have visitors uhn bay skape." Or something. I would request more yellow letters to caption Bubba, please; he's single-handedly wearing out the TiVo's poor eight-second replay button. As Rory explains, having two guys come to visit was exciting because the men of Lopevi are all sick of looking at each other's mugs, and furthermore, the guys appeared to be locals, and the teams haven't had much contact with the Vanuatuans so far. A man in elaborate garb gets out of the canoe and summons the men, speaking some language other than English. The men gather around. As he talks to them, they can't make out much, except that at one point, he says, "One chief." They eventually figure out from this that he wants them to pick a leader. The men, of course, can only pick Sarge, so, figuring that he has to go with them, he starts taking off his pants and shoes and such. As leaders do. Embarrassingly enough, however, he's not going anywhere, and all the guy wants to do is give him a staff and a medallion. Boy, I hate it when you take your pants off and it turns out you've misinterpreted your companion's intentions, don't you? I generally favor going out a bathroom window, but the canoe guys get back in the boat and leave. "And we're like, 'I guess I'm not goin' with them,'" Sarge says. Yeah. I guess not. Bringing a new and more literal meaning to the words, "Keep your pants on, Sarge."

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