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Jeff reminds Scout that she will want to divide the tribes as evenly as possible, so that whichever one she winds up on will be a good tribe. He also tells her that she will pick by alternating men and women. He tells her to start by choosing a man for one tribe, which we will call Tribe A. She puts Rory over there. On the other tribe, she places Chad, on B. She sends Eliza to join Rory, and Julie to go with Chad. Bubba goes to A with Rory; Chris goes to B with Chad. Leann goes to A with Eliza, while Twila goes to B with Julie and Chad. The last man is John, and what I don't understand is that there is not, in fact, an "extra woman." There is an "extra man." There is an even number of women when you take out the leaders, but there is an odd number of men. And yet, rather than divide up the women evenly and argue over the man, Scout is just asked to announce where John is going, and then one of the women is sent to the other team and the other one is declared "extra." It makes no sense whatsoever, and it makes it more likely that you're going to get unbalanced tribes. Anyway, Scout sends John to the B tribe with Chad and so forth. This leaves two women, Lisa and Ami, one of whom will be chosen for the A tribe, and one of whom will be the mythical "extra woman" that the show has created. Anyway, Scout sends Ami over to the A tribe, and leaves Lisa standing alone. At this point, Sarge is given his pick of tribes. Now, one of them consists of John, Chad, Chris, Twila, and Julie. The other consists of Rory, Bubba, Leann, Ami, and Eliza. See how dumb this is? It doesn't matter how Scout splits the tribes; one of them winds up majority men and one of them winds up majority women, and then on top of that, you let Sarge pick which one he wants to be on, which makes it even more lopsided. It's asinine. This was a great way to split the teams if you wanted to ensure that the game remained boring and no one had to make any changes to his or her strategy. Dumb, dumb. Probably the only thing Scout could have done that would have helped would have been to make the team with fewer men have the strongest men. Had she split the men, say, Bubba-Rory-Chris versus John-Chad, Sarge would have a tougher choice. Because he could still go with his majority, but (1) he would have a harder go in physical challenges; and (2) he hates Rory.

Anyway, unsurprisingly, Sarge decides to join the team with Chad, Chris, and John, along with Twila and Julie. Scout goes off to join the majority-women tribe. Now, it is time to deal with Lisa. Her initial fear is that because she wasn't picked, she will be going home. This is not the case, however. ["Unfortunately. Ol' Grapefruit Boobs really bugs me." -- Wing Chun] As a matter of fact, Lisa is in possibly the best position of all, because she has the option at this point of choosing which team she wants to join. Both teams try to convince Lisa to come with them, but ultimately, she chooses to go with Scout and the new Yasur. She skips over to her new tribe, and is greeted with cheers and hugging. So this careful reassignment of teams has resulted in one tribe that is 4-2 in favor of men, and one that's 5-2 in favor of women. Well, that will sure rattle their cages. Sigh. Had that been done properly, it would have come out as a 3-3 split and a 4-3 split. Think how much more interesting that would have been. Well, actually, don't think about it. It will only make you sad.

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