Eating And Sleeping With The Enemy

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Sleeping And Eating With The Enemy
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Previously: the minority was in danger of getting Pagonged, still. Everyone was searching for the secret Immunity Idol, so it was extra gasp-inducing when Probst announced that the winner of the Reward Challenge (Judd) would get a nice meal as well as a clue to the location of the idol. Judd showed the clue (which said that the idol was not on the ground) to Steph, and then lied to everyone else and said the idol was totally on the ground. Everyone continued to be annoyed by Jamie. Steph lobbied to get rid of Gary, who may have had a career in the FBI as well as the NFL, because he tailed Judd like a pro and ended up finding the idol and using it at tribal council, leading to Bobby Jon's ouster.

It always freaks me out a little to see the photos of the tribe members from the beginning of the season during the credits. They all look so healthy and shiny and happy. Why don't they look that way at the finale, too? They just look puffy and weird. I think it's all about lighting.

Everyone returns to camp after booting Bobby Jon, so we're treated to creepy night-vision footage. I sometimes wish that camera-makers had never invented night-vision technology. While the resulting footage may sometimes be juicy, it's still pretty freaking creepy. The glowing eyes! The blue skin! Anyway. Everyone wants to know when and where Gary found the Immunity Idol, and he admits that it was in a tree, and that he just found it that day. No one immediately blurts, "But...but Judd said it was on the ground!" I don't know if they just don't want to start a fight (doubtful) or if they haven't put two and two together yet (likely). Jamie interviews that he thinks Gary is shady, even though everyone else likes him. Jamie tells his alliance members that Gary voted for Cindy to shake things up. I'm not clear on exactly how that would shake things up, and neither is Cindy. She actually says, "I don't care! It's one vote. Whoop de doodle." Heh. "Doodle." Cindy interviews that Jamie always wants to have an argument, and that when she wouldn't get mad at Gary for voting for her, Jamie got upset. Both Cindy and Steph try to explain to Jamie why Gary's one vote was neither surprising nor upsetting, but Jamie keeps trying to press his point, because he obviously still can't read a room. Or campsite.

Cindy voice-overs that Jamie doesn't make any sense, because when she wouldn't take his bait and talk shit about Gary, he immediately went over to talk to Gary. Jamie tries to get Gary to admit to vowing to vote for Brandon, and then voting for Jamie instead. Gary insists that he never made any such vow. Jamie apparently took Gary's agreement with the idea of everyone voting for Brandon and subsequent noncommittal response as a vow to vote for Brandon. Jamie thinks they need to fight it out. Like with fisticuffs and whatnot? Somehow, out of this conversation, Jamie also heard Gary call him a liar. I think Jamie needs to start listening to the voices of the actual people he's with instead of the voices inside his head. Judd actually takes Gary's side to try to get Jamie to shut up. Jamie next accuses Gary of being mad. Oh, no! He's mad! That could change the game. Gary says lightly that he's not mad, and Judd backs him up again. Judd tells Jamie to drop it, and Jamie actually shuts up, although he's grinding his teeth like a madman. Get it? Mad man? Okay, that was weak. Judd interviews what everyone is thinking: Jamie is losing it. And then the scene is punctuated by a screeching monkey.

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