Eating And Sleeping With The Enemy

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Sleeping And Eating With The Enemy

Rafe always turns his head the same way when he dives under an obstacle, so one side of his head is completely muddy and the other side is relatively clean. It's funny. Jamie and Rafe regain the lead, but then Cindy and Lydia quickly lose it. Jeff keeps yelling that Lydia is slowing her team down, and says, "You're going to have to move, Lydia! Dig deep! Let's go." Moments later, he says, "Lydia still struggling. Let's go, Lydia! Move!" Why doesn’t he just yell, "Lydia is totally losing this for her team! She's worthless! Lydia, the tribe has spoken and you are SLOW!" Seriously. Shut up, Jeff. While Lydia struggles (and Jeff continues to tell us exactly how she is struggling), Danni and Steph fill up their pot of corn and win the reward for their team. The winners celebrate with muddy hugs, and Jamie starts yelling to Lydia and Cindy (who are still out on the course) that they should still finish, because they're not quitters. Cindy is fairly hilariously like, "Hell to the no!," and when no one joins Jamie's "Let's finish" crusade, it quickly dies out. The winners run right to their helicopter as the losers just stand there, all muddy. Or, in Rafe's case, half muddy.

But the winners are still all muddy, in the helicopter. I pity the poor PA who had to hose that thing out afterward. They ooh and aah over the scenery, the chance to get away from camp, and the experience of riding in a helicopter. There is also discussion of how weird it will be to see an actual, working bathroom, with a mirror and all. The music swells, and I've been watching too much Lost, because with all the lush jungle scenery and the dramatic music, I keep expecting something completely horrible to happen.

I'm rescued by happy music as the winners arrive at their destination and are greeted by Louis, the house's owner. They go down to a beautiful in-ground pool and use the outdoor showers to rinse off the mud. I don't see any soap or shampoo, but I don't think they care. Steph interviews that she was really glad to share the experience with that particular group of people: she really likes both Danni and Gary, and she's always gotten along with Judd. Speaking of Judd, he decides to bare-ass it to clean up more effectively. The girls giggle as we get a shot of Judd's blurred-out junk.

Much cleaner now, the winners start devouring the food set out for them. Steph thinks they are eating "very fancy hors d'oeuvres," but I thought it looked more like Happy Hour food at TGIFriday's. For example, there are jalapeno poppers. I mean, I'm sure the food is good, but I wouldn't call it "very fancy." Steph and Danni share their love of eating. Then again, it's not corn. Steph talks about how the losers must feel, especially Lydia.

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