Eating And Sleeping With The Enemy

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Sleeping And Eating With The Enemy

So let's go back to camp and see how Lydia is doing. She's talking to Rafe about how she lost the challenge for them. Rafe tries to tell her it was a team effort, but Lydia keeps harping on all the great things they missed out on by losing, like a bath, and coffee. Is she trying to get Rafe to hate her? I can understand addressing the elephant in the room that is her sucky challenge performance, but once Rafe said it was a team effort, she needed to shut up. Rafe tries to avoid blaming her, but admits that he wishes he could have gone on a helicopter. Jamie just sits there and glowers.

Later, Jamie and Rafe are playing mancala, and Jamie tells Rafe that he wants to make a deal for the two of them plus Judd in the final three. Rafe half-heartedly agrees, but Jamie wants him to swear to it. Rafe says he doesn't feel good giving his word, because he hasn't had time to think it through. Rafe interviews that he doesn't really understand Jamie's strategy, and that he thinks Jamie is losing it. That's a recurring theme in this episode, no? Jamie asks Rafe to swear to stick with the top six plan, and Rafe says that he already has. Jamie asks Rafe not to sucker him, and Rafe just kind of laughs it off.

Back at the mansion, the showered winners are all wearing these white linen pajamas so that they kind of look like members of that Heaven's Gate cult. Gary interviews that he thinks this is his opportunity to strengthen his ties with Judd and Steph. As they eat chips and salsa, Gary asks Judd and Steph if they're totally happy with their current alliance. Steph says that's a hard question. Gary introduces the strategy of taking the strongest players to the final four, so that no one gets in by sliding by. Well, that's not a great strategy. It's probably a good thing to say to these particular players, though. Or at least to Steph. I can see her being swayed by the whole "most deserving players" thing. Gary interviews that he tried to convince them that winning against the best is the only way to truly win. Gary points out that if Lydia or Cindy goes to the final two, either of them would win, and neither is necessarily the most deserving. I can't believe that, in the eleventh season, people still argue over who deserves to win. The person who managed to not get voted out, by whatever means necessary, and not piss everyone else off, deserves to win. As Miss Alli has pointed out many times, the objective of the game isn't to outnice or outfriend. It's to outlast. Steph interviews that she understands Gary's logic, but that she doesn't really want to give up her current alliance, because it's working. Steph asks Gary who he would want to vote out if there were no alliances. Gary and Danni both agree that they would vote out Jamie. Judd interviews that this night together isn't going to change his strategy, but that it's nice to get to know some new people a little better. They all snuggle into bed. Judd interviews, "Sometimes this game affects your heart a little bit. Sometimes it kind of wrenches it a bit. And getting rid of those two know, that's gonna be a little heart-wrenching. That's just the way it is. If I want to go a little farther in this game, that's just the way it's got to go." And while Judd is definitely not my favorite player, I do agree with his rationale. We'll see how that plays out, though. I think he's missing the part where you also have to know which way the wind is blowing in your alliance.

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