Eating And Sleeping With The Enemy

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Sleeping And Eating With The Enemy

The players report for the immunity challenge. Jeff is still wearing his stupid hat. Jeff explains that each player will be attached to a long rope which is threaded over, around, and through a number of obstacles. The player has to unwind the rope and make it to the finish line. The top four will move on to the finals, where they will do the same thing, except that the obstacles will be three levels high, which will be more complicated.

Jeff gives the sign, and everyone takes off. Judd has a lot of trouble right off the bat, and I think it's because he's too big to toss himself over and under the obstacles. Plus, he's pretty sure he's safe, so he's not trying all that hard. Gary takes an early lead, and Danni and Lydia are back with Judd, who has stopped trying. Jeff calls him on his lack of effort, and Judd claims that he just can't figure it out. Come on. He can figure it out. Rafe is the first one across the line, and Jamie soon follows. Steph manages to get the third spot. Gary has lost his early lead, and he and Cindy are neck and neck for that fourth spot. They both clear the final obstacle at almost the same time, but Cindy crosses the finish line first.

So it's Rafe, Jamie, Cindy, and Steph for immunity. This particular section of the challenge doesn't seem to involve untying as many knots as the first part did. Instead, you have to climb up and down and over and around a big wooden jungle gym, so I think both agility and endurance play big parts. Cindy has the lead at first, but she slows near the end, and Rafe takes over and wins. And I'm glad he did, because I like him, but I don't know that he needed it. Unless he just wanted to win to ensure that Jamie didn't get it. Interesting.

Everyone returns to camp, and a few people limply congratulate Rafe on his victory. Rafe interviews that, of the three immunity challenges he's been in, he's won two and finished second in the other, so he just made himself a huge threat, and he might need to change the way he's playing. Steph, Danni, and Gary rehash the competition. Steph points out that Gary had a disadvantage because he's so tall. But he did have an advantage in that he's practically a skeleton at this point.

Jamie asks Judd if they're still good and solid. Judd interviews that Jamie is paranoid, but that he's not going anywhere. Judd thinks Jamie might get one vote from Gary, and that's it. That's about where I knew Jamie was going. It was too perfect that Judd made such a point of saying that Jamie would only get one vote. Judd assures Jamie that there's nothing to freak out about. Jamie points out that "Rafe is Stephenie's lap dog," although I'm not sure what that has to do with anything. I guess that if Steph defects from the alliance, Rafe will too? Jamie interviews that Gary is the threat right now, but that he knows that, soon, everyone will catch on that Jamie's the actual threat, so he wants to keep their original alliance of six together. Jamie asks Cindy if they're sticking to the plan, and Cindy says that she hasn't heard any different. Jamie says he's unsure about Steph's allegiance, and Cindy says that nothing is every really sure, but that she doesn't know why any of them would want to ruin the good thing they have. Cindy interviews that Jamie's paranoia is driving her crazy, and that he doesn't know when to shut it. Cindy seems really, really annoyed. She's talking to Jamie like the babysitter talks to the two-year-old who can't stop whining, "But whyyyyyyyyy?"

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