Eating And Sleeping With The Enemy

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Sleeping And Eating With The Enemy

Jamie invites Rafe to play mancala, which isn't a euphemism, except that it kind of is. Just not for what you're thinking. As soon as they sit down, Jamie starts talking about how nervous he is, and Rafe tells him that the paranoia is starting to freak people out. Rafe interviews that whenever Jamie wants to play mancala, he really just wants to talk about the game, and that it happens every day. Jamie asks if he has nothing to worry about, and Rafe says he doesn't think so. Rafe interviews that Jamie keeps asking if Rafe is sticking with the six, and Rafe throws a little pretend hissyfit over how annoying it is. Rafe finally just tells Jamie he's sticking with the alliance, but adds that if Jamie keeps asking him, he might change his mind.

Rafe and Lydia sit on the steps and...sort leaves? I'm guessing Rafe has made up a new game that uses leaves, but I don't know. Rafe says that Jamie is driving him insane, and Lydia carefully asks what he's saying. Rafe says again that Jamie keeps asking him about voting, and that it's getting old. Lydia asks if Rafe has talked to Steph, and Rafe says that he needs to. Lydia interviews that she's been with Jamie since the first day. You'd think that would make her more likely to want to get rid of him. Steph joins Rafe and Lydia; Rafe explains that they've been talking about getting rid of Jamie. Steph says she'd be for it, but that she's worried about Gary, because he's "a smooth operator." It's funny, because they all want to get rid of Jamie, but none of them wants to be the one who says it, or argues for it, probably because you know Jamie is going to get up at the jury questioning period and ask who masterminded his ouster. They don't reach any real conclusion that we see, but I'm sure that's just for suspense purposes.

Everyone arrives for tribal council. Bobby Jon comes in as the first member of the jury. He looks pretty cute, actually. A shower actually does him good, which strangely isn't usually how that works on this show. ["Maybe because he'd be less likely to put on sixteen pounds of makeup than, say, Steph would?" -- Wing Chun] Jeff starts the questioning by asking Steph whether the winners bonded on their reward. Steph says that they did, and Danni agrees. Judd says he bonded with Gary, because he really admires Gary's manhood. I don't know. That's what he said. Jeff asks if the bonding makes the voting more difficult. Judd says that it will be difficult, but that he'll do what he has to in order to move forward in the game. So he'll be voting for Gary. Not that Gary didn't already know that, but still. Jeff asks Jamie if there is anyone left in the game that he wouldn't miss if he or she were voted off. Jamie, predictably, says that he loves everyone. That was the guilt-inducing question of the week. Jamie admits that it's easy to go insane in the jungle, and that everyone has been supportive of him. Jeff asks Gary about his mental status. Gary says he's tried to keep a positive attitude, despite his physical weakness. Rafe decides to hang onto his immunity, and the voting begins.

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