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Fire and Rice

It turns out that the sun rises in the east and the ostrich is the world's largest bird; heat cramps are caused by a loss of salt; and the ten most venomous snakes in the Outback all live in Australia. And the surgeon is the boy's mother, and the survivors of the plane crash aren't buried on either side of the border because they're the survivors. Finally, it would take you five seconds to hear the thunder. Unless Kimmi was talking; then you wouldn't hear it at all. Peachy repeats what the reward is, and Tina's jaw drops like she didn't hear it the first time. She wins and jumps up and down while Rodger looks surprised.

The S5 then get a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones. And I'm supposed to feel bad for these people? Rodger cries some more, and hides his face behind a napkin. Colby's mother plans to fatten him up when he gets home. Elisabeth's poor parents apologize for not coming through and say they'll pray for her. The screen also says something about Ken reminding her that she "owes him a million." And a normal pair of glasses. And some Clearasil. Keith is next. Though it pained me to do so, I watched this segment over and over again so I could transcribe his words. Oh, the lengths I go to as your recapper. Keith writes, "I can only think of one important question that came to me one night as a shooting star shot across the sky in some wee hours of the morning....Will you marry me, Peas?" He then writes, "Hope you're expecting something like this." Peas can't believe that Carrots proposed, and thinks he might not be serious. Her response rambles on about her long work week, and finally she says "yes," but they'll have to wait until she's graduated from junior high. Keith picks up Peachy like he's a sack of potatoes and swings him around, while the others awkwardly wait to offer their congratulations. Then Peachy tells Tina that "the throne" is hers. She probably would prefer a trip to "the throne" over a thirty-minute email conversation with people who may or may not actually be her family members. Tina cries when she talks to her family and tells us it's a "major rush" that will carry her through the next eight days. She perkily tells us in an interview that she "got it beat, girl!"

As the S5 shuffle back to camp, Rodger says that they all won the challenge just by getting to talk to their families. It's raining again, but Colby tells us that he's grinning even though the water has soaked through his boots. Colby and Tina play Frisbee and Elisabeth is astounded;-she says, "Look at this -- a little recreation goin' on?" Tina tells us that her face hurts from smiling, and that the experience was "sheer joy." The S5 glow on through the night. Before bed, Keith thanks God for the incredible day and for the "yes from [his] sweetheart, Katherine." In case God needed some clarification regarding her name. He then asks that they all be kept safe. This was a remarkably humble and coherent mouthful for Keith. Who knew he had it in him? In a voice-over, Colby tells us that strategy didn't enter into any of their heads today. They all put on their caps and get ready for bed. Tina reminds Colby that he's the "candle-blower-outer."

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