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Fire and Rice

The S5 now sit around and stare at the flaming log and yippee! -- Rodger got his blue and orange jacket back! Colby tells us his mood is volatile because of the long days, and that if he weren't so bored, even Bozo the Keith wouldn't get to him. Bozo the Keith tells us that he just sits there and stares at the flames, and that Colby calls fire-watching "Outback television." We then get a bored-survivors- amusing-themselves sequence. They stare into the fire or lethargically play backgammon; Rodger colors in the coloring book that Jeff must have left behind. In my cult-favorite moment we see Tina earnestly explaining to Elisabeth how she uses construction paper and white lace to hang hearts in every room in her house. Twelve weeks of watching Tina and I know more about her in that fifteen seconds than I could watching this show for twelve years. Rodger can't stand sitting around in the tent -- he says it drives him crazy. We see various shots of Rodger practically keeling over as he does various forms of manual labor -- breaking logs, carrying logs, fishing, etc. Colby tells us that Rodger has more energy than the rest of them; he says they're not playing for themselves now, but for who deserves to be there. He says that, with Rodger, it "comes from the heart." He believes that Rodger, Elisabeth, and Tina deserve to make the finals, but that Bozo the Keith has done nothing outstanding to stay in the game. Rodger and Colby go off together, and my heart skipped a beat because I thought they might be hatching a plan -- and they might have been; Rodger mentioned on The Early Show that he approached Colby to form a last minute alliance, without any luck. They're just checking the treemail, which consists of five lanterns and a lock. The clue announces that the original Australian settlers had "no water, no food, no beer." There will be a "jailbreak" and the survivors will need to listen carefully. The S5 conclude that it sounds like "a blast." And that it's also groovy and far-out and the bee's knees. Tina made a cringing face during the "no beer" part of the clue, even though she doesn't drink. Why would she need to drink? She's high on paper doily hearts.

As they arrive at the Immunity Challenge, Peachy takes the necklace from Colby; he should just let him keep the damn thing on and save everyone the trouble. They've been shackled at some point, but we're denied the pleasure of seeing the shackling process. Peachy explains that they are shackled because Australia's first settlers were prisoners. He will tell them a "story," and they will then work their way through a course that has eight stations with questions from the story. When they answer a question correctly, they will retrieve a key that unlocks one of their shackles. They must return to the camp with five released locks. Peachy drones on and on. I wouldn't really call it "a story" so much as "an excessively boring oration on nothing of any particular interest." When he mentions something that will be pertinent in the course, a camera shot shows a picture of the question within the course. I'm not going through this whole stupid thing except to say Peachy chides the original settlers by saying that "had they known some basic skills," they could have survived better. I already know at this point that Rodger's not winning because these memory question discriminate against the older people. Someone call the AARP!

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