Eruptions Of A Volcanic Magnitude!

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Chris Makes His Move

Aaaand, volcano! (The pastoral kind, not the exploding kind.) Chris and Julie take a walk to the challenge, and Chris explains that after they got cleaned up, they headed out into an "ashy, dense area." Julie interviews that, if I'm not mistaken, Chris is the person she "has the funnest with" (not just "funnest," but "has the funnest"), and besides, she needed to chat with him about her vote-off-Twila plan. Chris and Julie run into their guide, Joe, who puts them up on their horses for the ride to Mount Yasur. As they ride, Chris's horse gets a little stranded in a river, and he seems not to know what to do. Joe tells him to kick. No, kick harder. Game metaphor? You be the judge. Chris interviews that, indeed, he and his horse had a little trouble bonding early on. He says that nevertheless, it was a great ride, and that it was "awesome just looking at everything." We get a gorgeous shot of them making their way across what looks like ashy sand, leaving perfect sets of tracks. That is some pretty camera work right there, so stop and appreciate it. Finally, they pull up in front of a little hut, which Joe tells them is theirs for the night. Nobody anywhere to bother them, except for the swarm of crew guys milling around. Julie gives the usual "we saw all the hot dogs and beer and oh, gosh!" speech. Joe offers to show them the easiest way to cook stuff, and they're eager to know. Because raw hot dogs? Are bologna. ["Love them, but I'm trashy like that." -- Wing Chun] Joe shows them how to cook their hot dogs over a steam vent that appears just to be coming up out of the ground. And if you're going to eat hot dogs, you want it to be as organic and natural an experience as possible, because you don't want your tasty helping of hog cuticles contaminated in an unnatural process. Julie explains that they just sat there scarfing hot dogs for a while. As you do.

And now, Chris explains in an interview that he certainly wasn't surprised to be picked by Julie, who would like not to be immediately dispatched from the game. As they sit together, she asks him about his closeness to Twila. He says that he's not particularly close to her, opening the door for Julie's approach. Julie asks him to whom he feels most loyal, which is kind of a weird question, because...there is no loyalty in this game, in the sense that "loyalty" is traditionally understood to involve the willingness to make sacrifices for others, and in this game, it has about as much relevance as your earned run average. Anyway, playing right along, Chris answers the loyalty question by saying that, in many ways, it would certainly be Julie herself who's been the most helpful to him since the merge. Chris interviews that he does have "a bond" with Julie, and that she made it clear to him that she'd like not to be voted off, which...would that have come as new information? Julie goes on to tell Chris that Eliza made it clear to her that she won't make a move away from the plan to vote off Julie unless it has Chris's approval. Chris responds that he's not surprised, because Eliza has already told him that he's the only person Eliza trusts at this point. Chris interviews that he's sure that Eliza and Julie would love to see him jump ship and get rid of Twila. "And I didn't tell her no," he adds. Julie, in turn, interviews that Chris seemed "open-minded" and seemed willing to help her go farther in the game. "Chris is my rock right now," she adds. Oh, "rock," "Jell-O mold," same difference.

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