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Smoothie Operators

Elsewhere, Rupert finds a snake in the water, which is apparently wounded. He adopts it. Whatever.

A little later, Jeff welcomes both teams to the challenge, which is located in a clearing in the woods. He starts by asking Rupert about the snake, which Rupert explains is named Balboa. I imagine the snake whispering, "I'm ssssssorry; it's actually Aliccccce." Now it's time to have the challenge explained. Jeff is standing in front of a sort of roulette wheel and a blender, as well as a variety of seafood ingredients. The ingredients include clams, octopus, oysters, squid, sardines, mango, conch, coconut juice, and seawater. This is going to be a series of head-to-head challenges where one person from each tribe will go up to the wheel, and they'll both throw a ball onto the wheel as Jeff spins it. The wheel is marked off with the ingredients, so where the balls land, that will net two ingredients for the "smoothie" they'll have to eat. Jeff explains that this is not a race; it's simply a situation where you either finish your smoothie or you don't, and if you do, your tribe gets a point. Morgan will have to send up two people twice, since they're down two members. First to go are Andrew and Sandra. Their shake ingredients shake out as sardines and bleeding clams. Jeff whirls it up in the blender. Andrew gulps it with no difficulty, while Sandra dramatically holds her nose, gags, stops and starts, and responds to Christa's cry of "you're gonna be stronger after this" with "I'm gonna be sick after this." In other words, Sandra's struggle is pretty extravagant and conspicuous. Finally, she finishes, too.

Michelle and Ryan-O are next. She makes a great show of cringing at everything Jeff says, and when she's presented with the shake, she makes a huge, comical face. She complains loudly about the octopus. She groans. She frowns. But when she actually gets the shake in her hands, she gulps it all at once. Now, this behavior will be much-maligned for the rest of the episode and used as a reason she should be booted, but one of her post-show interviews explained it in a way that was perfectly credible to me. She basically said that she realized that if she slowed down, she wasn't going to be able to do it at all. It is, after all, liquefied fish. I honestly think she did everything she could to play up what the tribe asked her to do, but when she got there, she couldn't drink it in little sips. Oh, and by the way, Jon makes a great show of his disgust when Michelle bolts the shake, dropping his head onto Christa's shoulder in dismay, so it's not like he's the poster boy for the poker face and the maintaining of the plan, either.

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