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Shawn talks quietly to Rupert about the possibility of booting Michelle. "This isn't the time right now to talk about it," Rupert says. Huh? Before tribal council isn't the right time to talk about it? Whatever. After Shawn walks off, Rupert makes a disgusted face. "Two damn minutes and he's already trying to get somebody out." Oh, come on, would you? Once you get back from the challenge, having lost, there's nothing wrong with thinking about -- and talking about -- which of your tribemates you might vote out. It's not a funeral where it's rude to hit on the widow. It's just a game. You don't owe respect to those you are about to kill, because you are not about to kill anyone. Rupert can be very charming, but he just takes himself and the whole Morality of the Game far too seriously. And I've also had about enough of Rupert's theory that he stands in a position to judge everyone. "He better watch out, or it'll be him," Rupert adds self-importantly. Yes, because Shawn committed the offense of talking about which tribe member should be voted out on a game in which the entire object is voting the other people out. I tell you, there's barely enough "whatever" in the world to cover it.

Later, Rupert talks to Michelle. She tries to make a case that because Shawn doesn't do any more work than she does and eats twice as much, he would make an equally good bootee. She also points out that they have only one more challenge before the merge, in all likelihood, so there's not that much need to bring Shawn along for his strength in challenges. She then goes over out of the way to throw up, presumably at least in part from the giant fish smoothie. Rupert follows her over to where she's throwing up, and while she's still throwing up, he quizzes her about what they could say if they were going to argue for the ousting of Shawn. Does he not see the irony in being all lecture-y with Shawn about when is the right time to discuss getting rid of people, and then trying to have a conversation with Michelle while she's actually in the middle of reviewing her own stomach contents? Rupert covers the puke up for her, though, which is nice in a weird, overly familiar, okay-only-in-the-jungle kind of way. Rupert interviews that Michelle made a good enough case that he's willing to consider taking her arguments to the group.

But for now, it's time to take off for tribal council. Drake gathers in the dark to be grilled. "What a difference a few days can make," Jeff says to the gathered tribe. "In the last four days, you've lost three challenges, and by the end of the night, two members." He turns to Sandra and asks her about the tiebreaker she wasn't able to bring home. He asks her if she's worried that the person booted tonight might be her. She apologizes some more for the loss. Jeff asks her if the tribe is starting to splinter, given that they've now lost three straight challenges. She says no, but she's careful to mention that they didn't even plan to lose this one. Jeff takes them back to the reward challenge. He turns to Jon and asks him if it was as true as it looked that he didn't know how to handle the rudder at all. Rather than answering the question, Jon says, "The last reward challenge was the first challenge of all the challenges that we actually lost." Rupert rolls his eyes for whatever reason, as if agreeing to sit out wasn't just as much a part of throwing the challenge as the rest of them played. He himself said last week that he was perfectly willing to sit back and let the tribe throw the challenge if that was what they were going to do, so it certainly didn't appear then like he fought them on it very hard, no matter what he's saying now.

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