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Jeff turns up the heat on Jon, asking him just to admit that they threw the last immunity challenge. Jon fesses up without too much hesitation. "So now that you've lost three in a row, you want to come clean and say, 'Well, we actually didn't lose the first one; we threw it,'" Jeff presses. "Yeah," Jon says. "My point is that throwing a challenge in a game like this is really cocky," Jeff says, as Rupert nods gravely, as if he didn't agree to sit out, knowing they were going to throw it. Jeff asks them whether in retrospect, they can see that they gave Morgan a psychological boost that allowed them to rally and win the next two challenges that Drake did not intentionally throw. "That's a load of crap," Michelle says, despite the fact that it's far from being a load of crap, but is in fact demonstrably true. You can tell Jeff struck a nerve, because her answer is so dumb. She says that the psychological boost Morgan has gotten isn't that big a deal, and she doesn't think Drake will lose any more challenges. Whatever. These people are just as stupid as Morgan.

For a non-change of pace, Rupert delivers a lecture on how much smarter he is than everyone else, by saying how stupid it was to throw the challenge -- a point about which he's correct. He also then claims that he "learned a lot about" Morgan during his sojourn that he might be able to use against them. Of course, he doesn't suggest what he's talking about, because it's pretty clear that he didn't learn very much of anything about them that he can use against them. All Rupert learned was that Morgan is inept, and Osten is the most inept of all. Who didn't know that?

It's time to vote. Shawn votes, Michelle votes for Shawn, Rupert votes, Sandra votes, Trish votes, Jon does his dumb-ass walk up to the voting booth and votes for Michelle ("You're a good girl, but say hello to the bad guy," he says, as if she doesn't already know he's gunning for her), Christa votes. Jeff tallies.

Unsurprisingly, the votes come back trouncing Michelle. She picks up her torch and is snuffed. Snuff! We will learn over the credits that everyone voted for Michelle except Michelle. Bummer. That tribe certainly is doing a good job of eating itself all of a sudden.

Next week: Morgan is menaced by a pelican. Osten complains some more. Jon gets into another screaming match with Shawn. We can only hope that Pirate Pete and the Peg-Leg Parrots will return.

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