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In an interview, Jon reveals the obvious: that he gave Shawn the word ahead of time that he was going to vote for Burton, so that Shawn could do the same. This doesn't strike me as very smart of Jon, either. All that did was give Shawn an out so that he wouldn't wind up lumped in with Burton and Michelle. Obviously, once he made the decision to boot Burton instead of Christa, Jon cast his lot with the other alliance, because Shawn and Michelle are now going to be alone. Or they would be, if Jon hadn't handed Shawn the key out of his own dilemma. In other words, all Jon did was reduce the number of outcasts in the tribe from two to one. It makes no strategic sense, considering that Shawn's loyalty is pretty obviously not worth anything, and now if the strategy for self-preservation that he handed to Shawn succeeds, there is only Michelle to boot before Jon himself might be considered as a possible alternative. I guess that, in theory, it makes Shawn not mad at Jon himself for breaking the alliance, but Shawn has basically no alliance left, so I don't see how pacifying Shawn helps Jon all that much. It strikes me as the kind of thing people do when they're concentrating on being sneaky for sneaky's sake, rather than thinking about what's actually going to get votes to go in a certain direction. Also, Jon's a dipwad.

Shawn now goes on to interview that, of the people in his alliance, he was always wary of Burton. Well, he actually says "weary of Burton," which would be funnier if he had done it on purpose. Shawn then claims that he was happy to have a chance to get rid of Burton. Huh? He knows that those of us watching the interviews aren't voting, right? And that we've seen the show? Anyway, around the night-vision campfire, Shawn backpedals for his life, insisting that Burton annoyed him, Burton thought he was better than everyone else, and so forth. Trish interviews that she found this maneuver downright insulting. "How stupid do you think we are?" she asks rhetorically, taking what is always a risk for a person on a show of this kind. If Jon had asked that question, after all, I would be stuck here in front of my computer for four hours, drinking coffee and trying to come up with something that would do it justice. Anyway, to her credit, Trish is not fooled by this change of heart on Shawn's part regarding Burton. "[Shawn was] with him for thirteen days," she says pointedly. We return to Shawn's propaganda-view, in which he says that he and Burton were "tight," but of course, it's not "show friends," it's "show business." Or something. He then goes on to cling to the one piece of good news he's got right now, which is that Michelle is in big trouble as a result of the vote, because she's the only person left who voted to boot Christa. He seems to be relishing Michelle's isolation rather a lot in his own dim way, considering that he was supposed to be aligned with her. In fact, you can almost hear the petty little voice inside his head muttering something self-satisfied and not terribly bright, like, "Heh heh, Michelle is totally persona au gratin."

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