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Survivors ready...go! Drake gets out in their boat first, with Morgan just behind them. There's not a lot to say about what ensues here: Morgan executes the paddling/diving very well, with Rupert diving and Osten steering. The members of Drake, on the other hand, does fine with the diving (Shawn does it with no problem), but cannot steer the boat to save their lives. This appears to be primarily because Jon has taken the steering position at the rudder in the back -- a position taken by Osten in the Morgan boat, you'll recall -- and he has no idea how to use the rudder at all. It's rather laughable how badly Drake manages to get off-course; they actually wind up crossing Morgan's course and wandering around on the opposite side of Morgan from where they want to be. If their course is Colorado and Morgan's course is Missouri, they wind up in about North Carolina. When Morgan hits the beach with all the pieces of its ladder, Drake is still way, way out in the water finding its way into the course. Andrew starts the run into the jungle for the idol. Out on the Drake boat, Shawn actually boots Jon out of the rudder position and takes over. Morgan efficiently works away at the ladder assembly while we see Andrew pull up the idol from the well.

Drake finally arrives on the beach, and Michelle runs for the jungle. "Let's go, Drake, welcome to the contest," Jeff rubs it in as they float toward the beach with their ladder pieces. Andrew returns with the idol as Morgan is completing assembly of the ladder. "Drake, glad you could join us," Jeff says again as Drake runs up onto the sand, just in case they missed his little dig the first time. Morgan leans the completed ladder against the tower as Drake just starts assembling. Andrew scales the tower to pull down the victory for Morgan. He raises his arms over his head, showing off his alarmingly protruding ribs, which are spontaneously trying to take advantage of the exposure by twisting themselves into a sign that says "HELP." Morgan celebrates its victory. Rupert and Ryan-O share an obviously genuine hug. Probst gives Morgan its first piece of the treasure map. He then presents an option to Rupert: go back with Morgan long enough to share in the reward, or go home with Drake. Rupert goes back with Drake, unsurprisingly, given his tendency to take his pirate status and the "tribe bonding" thing a little too literally. Jeff reminds Morgan that they'll want to select a looter for later.

Commercials. Oh, hey, let's check out the Red Sox-Yankees game. It just started, but hey, it looks like the Red Sox have a chance! Can you imagine the anguish if they lose? That would be so bad!

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