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Lydia Makes Her Move

Time to vote. Rafe will be keeping the immunity necklace. Lydia votes. Rafe votes. Steph votes. Judd votes for Gary. "Gary, you've been running around the jungle for two days, man, like a squirrel looking for a damn nut, man. Do me a favor. Get the hell out of here." As with Margaret, Judd's level of anger seems far out of proportion to the situation. Having his nonsense revealed really makes Judd very, very unhappy and he gets very, very angry. I would not enjoy dealing with Judd's anger in real life, I don't think. Cindy votes. Danni votes. Gary votes.

When Jeff reads the votes, the first is for Gary, the second is for Cindy, and the next three are for Gary, so he's done very quickly. He gets up and leaves. Damn. Despite how I felt about his rather silly efforts to conceal his past in football, I did like him. Jeff gives his stupid "big battles to come" lecture, and then he sends the group home.

TiVo missed out on the exit interview and the scenes for next week, but you can assume that Gary is happy with the way he played the game and that, next week, Steph will be kind of bitchy about something. Just wait and see if I'm not right.

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