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Lydia Makes Her Move

Gary goes over and reaches way, way down to kiss Lydia while telling her how much he appreciates what she did. He calls her "babe." She tells him she'd rather have him there than Jamie anyway, and they buddy up with each other and so forth. Gary tells us that he "dodged a bullet," and that his original ties with old Yaxha members were very handy in the situation. But, he adds, "Jamie did me a big favor by driving everybody crazy." I have a feeling that when Jamie gets generous, that's the way he usually expresses himself. I mean, what do you give the quarterback/landscaper who has everything, right? Your own annoying personality, that's what. As the tribe lies down to sleep, they start to talk about how much they love having Jamie gone -- how it makes everything seem right and easy and happy -- and I'm sure he didn't love hearing that in his living room.

Croc skull.

On the morning of Day 28, Gary and Lydia are up early. Lydia interviews that she thought quite a lot about the booting of Jamie, and says she's still not sure she did the right thing. Among other things, she knows that, with how weird things are, if she screws up, she could be next on the list of bootees, and that is certainly true. In a nicely edited sequence, we see that Judd is beginning to stir in the shelter just as Gary and Lydia begin a conversation that Gary stupidly, stupidly conducts from across the fire from Lydia, just assuming that everybody is asleep and nobody will hear. In this chat, he asks Lydia what's going on, and ultimately asks her who's calling the shots -- "Steph?" he wonders. She nods enthusiastically. Judd, without sitting up, peeks out at this chat as it goes on, showing far more skill at slyness than he ever has before. As Gary continues to grill Lydia, Judd interviews that, when he woke up, he could hear Gary working Lydia over. Amusingly, he even mocks Lydia for having her eyes "bulging out of her head," like...takes one to know one, Popeye. Gary goes on to tell Lydia that, with seven people left, it amounts to what group of four can get together and stay tight. Football does at least teach you to count to seven, apparently.

Meanwhile, Judd wakes up with Rafe and Steph and tells them what he heard out there while he was supposed to be asleep. Rafe interviews that Judd is spending a lot of time looking for reassurance, which he and Steph can happily provide. "He's trying to get her in bad," says Judd of Gary with regard to Lydia, and God bless captioning, because otherwise, I would have...wondered. You know? And shuddered. Steph comments that it really doesn't even matter what Lydia does as long as Cindy doesn't defect. Rafe interviews that he, Steph, Judd, and Cindy are together, but that they believe Gary and Danni have Lydia with them to a great degree. Steph whispers to her compadres that it's important that Gary not get the next immunity. "I don't even want him to get the reward," she says, and I hope that's because he might use the time for scheming, and not because she's just being bitter. Although it is Steph, so who knows? There's a lot of bitter there. And a lot of mystery about the eyebrows.

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