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Lydia Makes Her Move

Judd goes on to interview that when they were at the reward, Gary claimed that he wanted to get Lydia and Cindy out of the game, and now he's trying to ally with them. "That's a big lie," he proclaims. Seriously, man, it's like Gary is trying to win, man. I hate that, man. Judd goes on to yip and yap about how Gary's a big liar, blah blah, wouldn't expect it from him, blah blah. Who would think a landscaper would throw fibs around? Judd's capacity for moral outrage is very impressive, considering the ease with which he's told lies in the past. It's good to know he's not letting a few possible lightning bolts keep him from speaking his truth.

Gary and Lydia have a little chat in which he asks her what her strategy is, because if they're going to do anything, they need four people. All of Gary's math teachers nod, all, "Damn right. Who ever said I passed that kid just because he was on the team?" Lydia says she's just not sure: specifically, she's not sure about the possibility of turning Cindy. Lydia then interviews that the Big Five were supposed to be together, but she's now prepared to look at the game from the perspective of her individual prospects, and she's going to do what's best for herself. And...seriously, dude. At some point -- preferably one or two moves before your alliance gets down to just itself -- you have to figure out where you fit within that alliance, because getting to the final five can't be your entire goal when you're already in the final seven, or you're shooting kind of low. I think that Lydia has to realize at this point that she's doomed in the Big Five if she sticks around, because she will obviously be the first to go if it comes down to the five of them. Nobody will want her in F2, and she can't win immunity. She needs a different plan -- preferably an F3 or F4 plan rather than an F5 plan. So she's thinking the right things -- it's a question of whether there's time to put anything together with the people who are left.

We fly over to the challenge area, which today features a bunch of hanging clay pots, three pots of corn to each person, labeled with their names. It's the always-stupid popularity contest, in which they'll all answer trivia questions, and for every question you get right, you get to smash one pot. Last person with a pot intact wins reward. What are we playing for? A trip to a sort of spa-like hot springs, where there will also be a big meal including mojitos. Oh, and a massage. I like how they always offer alcohol, as if all that's on anyone's mind after weeks of barely eating is how much they'd love to drink to excess. You know, just because Judd thinks something doesn't mean the rest of us do.

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