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Lydia Makes Her Move

The first question is incredibly easy, and only Steph gets it wrong, because she thinks "Sanskrit" is the name of a stone carving. Once a genius, always a genius, I suppose. Judd breaks one of Gary's pots. "Nothing subtle about that, Gary!" Jeff says, and Gary agrees. I always hate it when Jeff makes those comments, because...what does it mean, exactly? He has to break someone's pot. What would be the subtle move? Breaking them in alphabetical order? In a situation where the alliance is already known to everyone, this just isn't interesting and it certainly isn't scandalous. At least not yet. Lydia steps up and breaks Steph's first, and Steph is all tight smiles, going, "How did I know? How did I know?" Danni breaks Steph again. Cindy breaks another of Gary's. Rafe breaks Danni's first, and Gary chooses to smash Cindy.

The next question reveals that, in Mayan courtball, the loser often had his head made into the ball, which I assumed was false, because it's disgusting and sounds like a horror version of The Flintstones, but it's actually true. Oh, and Steph initially gets it right, but then she looks down the row and sees all the people saying it's false, and she changes her answer. Baaa! Serves you right, Woolly. Lydia finishes off Steph. Steph chooses to respond to this by saying, "Jealousy gets ya nowhere." Wow. How revoltingly bitchy. God. Where is the Steph of yore? "I'm hungry; I want to eat," Lydia says with a grin, a little sheepishly, and much more of a good sport than Steph deserved after that crack. "We'll see about that," Steph says, signaling her minions that she does not want Lydia to get the food. Jeff informs Lydia, who he apparently believes has lost all of her senses simultaneously, that Steph isn't happy, and Lydia offers the only explanation she really can, which is that she hasn't eaten much, and Steph has eaten quite a bit. "So did Gary; so did Danni," Steph says tightly and arrogantly with a smile that just makes me want to punch her, which is so fucking sad. I hate it when they come back and all their previous charm is gone. Anyway, Danni steps up and takes out Judd. Cindy finishes off Gary. Those two really do not like each other, and I don't really get it. Nicely, Gary chooses not to bitch and moan over it, which is why he's not Steph. What's interesting is that with all her bitching earlier in the season about who had and hadn't played sports, you'd think Steph wouldn't be such a crybaby sore loser.

The next question is nailed by everybody but Judd. Lydia hits Judd. Danni hits Judd again, knocking him out. Good! (Man.) Cindy hits Danni. Rafe chooses to take out Danni, so she's gone.

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