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Lydia Makes Her Move

Steph meets with Rafe, Judd, and Cindy, telling them that they all need to stick together, and that she doesn't even understand how Lydia got this far. Well, that would be...because you chose not to vote her off because you needed her vote to get where you are. If she weren't here, you wouldn't be either, there, Queenie, so stuff it. Steph declares that Lydia is "completely out of our alliance." And I am ashamed to say that this brings to mind the line, "You are out of the shrine," but I'm not telling you where it comes from, because I'm ashamed. Rafe interviews that the next couple of days are important, because she could go far, or she could get knocked out soon.

Day 30. Xhakum. Gary is snoozing. Cindy and Judd are working on making coffee. Cindy comments that this is a good part of the day, when they sit around and talk with their coffee and so forth. Cindy also says that as she, Steph, Judd, and Rafe were all sitting on the ruins, they were contemplating how great it would be for it to come down to the four of them. So apparently, this is the F4 alliance emerging from what was once the Big Six. Gary comments that this is the foursome with the power, but he accepts that he's out of the loop at the moment. Way to notice, See The Whole Field Guy. He and Danni have a chat in which he asks her who she'd like to see out, and she mentions Judd and Cindy. I'm not sure what they think they're going to do here...they're going to need a fourth vote to break what's going on, and I think that, by far, their best shot would be attacking Steph, arguing to Cindy that once they get to F4, she'll find herself the obvious odd person out, while if she goes in with Gary and Danni and Lydia, she might make it to F3 with Gary and Danni. Cindy has to see that she's outside the Steph/Rafe/Judd triad, so that's what I would have done. Of course, I never remember the great ideas I have about Survivor strategy after I wake up. (Seriously. I dreamed a brilliant strategy once, and then I woke up and forgot what it was.) Gary tells Danni that the people he would like to go forward with are her and Rafe. And the problem with that is that Rafe's not moving. If Rafe were going to move, he'd have moved back when Brandon was booted. Rafe has decided to stay with the Steph-monster, and he's not going to change that now. Danni is thinking of a F4 with herself, Gary, Rafe, and Lydia, but...see, that's not a better deal for Rafe, I don't think, and he'd take such a drubbing from Steph and Judd on loyalty stuff that he'd lose their votes for sure. At any rate, Danni says that they want to approach Rafe. "You just have to keep trying," she says.

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