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Quitting Time

Previously on Pizza Burden: Steph came over and joined Koror, and she was immediately welcomed with open arms, which happened to be full of brambles and knives. Coby decided that in the absence of allies who could protect him, he would try a new strategy involving being really, really selfish and bitchy, because everyone think that's hilarious and adorable when the women on Sex And The City do it. The tribe chowed down on fish and lobster, and Tom had a bit too much of the free booze. (Been there.) At the immunity challenge, everyone gradually hopped off their perches in return for food, and Tom was eventually left to carry home individual immunity, which came, as usual, in the form of ugly jewelry. The weakened Janu was passed over for eviction in favor of the snooty Coby, who was sure that he was booted only because everyone respected him so very much. (And also, it's not him, it's them, and also they think he's a great person, and also they just aren't ready to get serious with anyone right now.) So Coby went home and, one hopes, shaved. Because all that facial hair just was not flattering. Now, there are eight left. Who will go next?

Koror, Day 25. Flies are present in large numbers. Janu is tying up her hair as Caryn makes a hash mark on the team's improvised calendar. Janu interviews that Coby was, of course, voted off last night, and comments that this surprised her, which is your first clue that Janu is more than a bit alienated from the tribe, all of which seemed to be in on the vote except for her. She is also getting thinner by the second, it appears, and she looks downright skeletal in the interview in which she says that she was so stunned that she couldn't even say goodbye to Coby. She adds she felt "betrayed" because she hadn't been told in advance what was going on. What I find so amusing is that we've gone from a first season in which alliances were considered dishonorable in and of themselves, all the way to a tenth season in which the failure to make someone a part of a previously agreed-upon group vote is a betrayal. Everyone knows you have to tell the entire group what the bloc-voting plan is so that they don't have to vote on their own! After all, if Janu really liked Coby, why would she have enjoyed being offered the opportunity to gang up on him? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Out in the water, Anonymous Jen and Katie have a conversation in which Katie talks about Janu's behavior at tribal council. She compares Janu's face to a jack-o-lantern, which...isn't nice at all, but I have to give Katie the fact that Janu does look pretty weird and a little...desiccated at this stage of the proceedings. Janu's actually sort of lucky Katie didn't say she looks like a jack-o-lantern as of, like, November 8th. Katie interviews, showing her usual capacity to be That Obnoxious Girl In Study Hall, that "Janu is completely mad." A-Jen and Katie talk about how Janu was all excited, thinking she was going home, and then it didn't happen. Katie goes on to say that Janu's reaction was "scary," and that Katie "didn't like it at all."

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