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Quitting Time

Yeah, Jeff probably got a little overly involved. But nobody made Janu quit. If you're going around asking to be voted off -- as her exit interviews and other people's comments indicated she was doing -- then it makes a certain amount of sense for Jeff to ask you about that. Janu had already said there was no reason to keep her, before Jeff asked her whether she was sort of asking to be voted off. And Jeff didn't even raise quitting, initially, in terms of what we saw -- Ian did. And then Jeff asked Janu what she would want to see happen, and she said she would ask the tribe to vote her off, and that's when he asked what the difference is between that and quitting. In other words, as much as it seemed like a badgering of Janu, most of the questions picked up on things she had already said, and seemed to be fair things to wonder about. As for the tribe, when you have somebody who looks like hell and wants to leave and the group is making it clear that they're going to boot a hard worker and likeable person instead, it makes sense for Jeff to ask you whether that makes you feel a little bit skeevy, especially for a tribe that has been as touchy-feely as Koror. To me, the big pressure applied to Janu in that situation came from Stephenie more than from Jeff. And furthermore? Jeff hates quitters and weasels, and I think he correctly sussed out that somebody who no longer wants to be there is bad for the show, because they won't play in challenges and won't strategize, and they become a free boot. You don't want a tribe taking a free boot all the way to, say, the culling of the F5 to the F4, just dramatically. Summary: I would have Jeff take a lighter hand if I were scripting the thing, but what he actually did doesn't really offend me.

In her farewell speech, Janu reveals that she'd asked to be sent home by the tribe, and it hadn't "worked," so she ultimately decided to make the move herself. She insists that this was a "major power play." Pfft. Quitting is always a power play of sorts, I suppose. But so is drinking yourself into a coma. Doesn't make it a show of character.

Next week: Steph scrambles to put together a new alliance. Gregg frets over the failure to get rid of Steph. Janu's sniffing flower is available for someone else's use.

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