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Quitting Time

Anyway, Katie interviews that Janu then got all upset and wound up "doing" Katie "doing" Janu, which she says was "even more scary," and...I kind of see that, actually. For whatever reason, Janu feels the need to tell Katie again, "I am very upset." Which...if you won't accept an apology, it's hard to imagine what the point of this dressing-down is supposed to be at this point. Katie tells Janu that she apologized for her behavior, and that if Janu chooses not to accept her apology and "can't get over that," then -- and Janu cuts her off: "It doesn't matter if I can or not. You're done. You're done in the conversation." Gregg steps in, saying that he doesn't want this to blow up into a big thing, and Janu, of course, has to make sure no one misses out on her personal drama, saying, "It's going to turn into whatever it's going to turn into, because all you guys are going to turn on each other." Yeah, you know, it's...hard to imagine how she wound up not having a lot of friends.

Gregg interviews that Janu has become "something that we need to, you know, put up with out here." He calls her presence "kind of a buzzkill," but goes on to say that's not a reason to vote her out. Janu plays a role in his strategy, whereas -- dun dun dunnnnn! -- Stephenie does not, and in fact, Stephenie "threatens" Gregg's strategy. Gregg points out that while some people think Stephenie "deserves" to be here, his opinion is that whoever helps him, that's who deserves to be there. And, amen to that. "Winning this game is hardly about deserving," he says, and as much as I love Steph, I could almost jump through the TV and kiss Gregg for saying that. I won't, though. That's how I wound up in the emergency room trying to explain the glass shards in my nose that one time. "If you have a role in my strategy, then you deserve to be here so you can help me win a million dollars," he says. And really, they ought to print that on every buff they hand out for the rest of this show's life.

We move to a challenge beach. Jeff welcomes the tribe and tells them that, in this challenge, the tribe will divide into two groups of four. Each group will carry six pieces of scaffolding out into the water, one at a time, and use them to construct a tower. Once the tower is built, one person will climb up it and get a flag, and then they'll come down, and the team will race up onto the beach. First one to get there with the flag will win reward. The reward will involve meeting with a high chief at a traditional meeting house, where they'll have beer, dinner, and dessert. Time to get going.

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