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Quitting Time

Back at camp, the feasters return to find the rest of the group eating dinner. They begin to describe all the food -- the ribs, the salad, the chicken and corn...everything but the throwing up. Caryn explains in her interview that they held back for a while on the fact that they had brought some food back, but eventually spilled the beans -- literally, sort of. Everyone digs in very happily. Tom laughs as he explains that Janu took some of the food for herself that they had brought back for the others. Katie also calls this "interesting" in an interview, pointing out that Caryn did the same thing. "But," Katie says, "what are we going to say? 'Get your hands off something that you brought us'? I don't think so." So I think that to Katie's credit, she had exactly the right attitude in that situation, which is that it's a little weird and maybe a little uncouth to eat the food you bring back for your starving comrades, but it's not like it's something they have any standing to complain about. It's basically taking a gift back, or taking part of a gift back, and you can't really complain when people do that, but it's going to raise eyebrows.

On what is presumably the next day, A-Jen heads out to pick up some treemail with Tom and Steph, and she brings out a cage-like plank with a note attached that references claustrophobia and panic. Betting that this isn't some kind of Jeff-Probst-ian sex game, they quickly come up with the idea of an underwater cage. Steph interviews that, as she understands it, whatever this challenge turns out to be, she needs immunity as the finger-quoted "strongest girl," and someone who is perceived as a threat. Despite, you know, never having won immunity, ever. Stealthy! She says that she's "doing the best [she] can out here."

The tribe converges on a beach. Jeff takes back the necklace from Tom, and then he tells them that this will be an experiment in not panicking. They'll go out and set themselves up under a sort of a grate out in the water. They'll start in water up to their necks, but as the water rises as the tide comes in, they'll gradually get squashed against the grate and run out of breathing room. Person who stays in the longest will get immunity. Also, the first person who bails will be taken off to a separate beach to spend the night alone with just flint and steel, a can of water, and a machete. It will be like your own private Jack London story. Or maybe that Stephen King one where the doctor eats his own foot. With that bad news delivered, Probst sends them out into the water.

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