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Quitting Time

Jeff observes, "Doesn't seem like a lot of love lost with these guys; they don't seem too concerned about you tonight." Just about everyone, in unison, relatively seriously, takes offense at this and says something along the lines of "That's not true at all." But this is the week where Jeff tells you how to live, so he's all, "You know what? I'm sitting here asking her if she knows how to make fire, and you guys are making jokes like you're at open mic." See? With "open mic"? I think they cut out whatever jokes were being made to make it look like they were just randomly laughing at Janu, where in fact, they were probably making jokes to entertain themselves. Something else, too -- when Janu quits, the water is essentially still low on her neck, and by the time Jeff pulls this "you should be ashamed" number on them, they're all tilting their heads up because the water would be up over their mouths if they didn't. It wasn't at all as it appeared, that this all went down in the thirty seconds after she hopped out of the water, so not every joke they might have made in that time or all levity that was introduced was necessarily all about Janu getting out of the water. When you're waiting for the tide to drown you, you have to entertain yourself somehow, don't you?

In fact, I would say that based on the "Elapsed time: 32 minutes" shot, I think at least ten minutes or so passed between when Janu quit and when they were berated. Then, at about forty minutes, according to Jeff, they're all beginning to look up at the sky and press their faces against the grate. Jeff tells them that "this is where 'mind over matter' comes into play." At fifty-six minutes, the water is over everyone's ears. Caryn takes that cue and ducks out. A-Jen ducks underwater, and then Katie goes out. Steph goes under as well. A-Jen drops out, as does Steph. So now, it's just Tom, Gregg, and Ian. Gregg is next to quit. Tom versus Ian. Tom, as Jeff points out, comes up with a sort of "hand snorkel," in which he cups his hands around his mouth so that water won't flood his mouth but he can still breathe. Interesting approach. Ian plugs his nose. Ian goes under again, and clearly tries to find a way to recover, but he ultimately ducks out, leaving super-calm Tom as the immunity winner for the second week in a row.

A boat comes in to pick up Janu, and the team sends her off with waves and "good luck"s. Jeff gives the immunity necklace to Tom. Jeff tells the rest of the group to swim back to their boat. And for being so mean, they're going without dessert. Meanies. They can just sit around their camp and think about what they've done.

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