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As the tribe arrives at Council, Peachy explains the ritual of the first visit: fire represents life, and when your fire's gone, so are you. He promises that those remaining post-Council will get to keep their torches for future extinguishing at Tribal Councils. Except not that explicitly. Peachy wants to "get right to it," because he hasn't had the opportunity to get to know them yet. Well, he knows they don't fight fair, but he doesn't say that here. Shii Devil was surprised by the lack of food and shelter -- she was shocked by the lack of help. Peachy wants to know whether Jed expects food, and he says he doesn't expect anything. He thinks they'll live on snails for a week or two and then "drop like flies, probably." Peachy asks what specific role Robb plays in the tribe, and he does not answer "Sook Jai Psycho." Instead, he calls himself a "happy-go-lucky kid" and insists that he's trying to "apply himself everywhere" and stay happy. He's drained because he's used to eating, and he's a "high-energy guy" accustomed to "bouc[ing] off the walls." Peachy wants to know whether the lack of food will be ultimately be divisive, and Stephanie says it's already affected her. She takes a jab at the fatties and skinnies in the tribe by claiming that the fittest people will suffer first because they require the calories that their bodies are accustomed to burning; she thinks fit people tend to "sink faster." She says they're grumpier, and that it could get bad. Peachy says it's never fun to vote someone out no matter what, but I don't think that's always true. He calls out Jake for having selected the tribe. Jake hates to vote because he loves them all, but he'll take the "strategic approach" and just "mosey over and vote."

Shii Devil's the first to go; we don't see her vote, but we do see her funky little head wobble as she places the lid on the urn and gives the camera a funny look. Ken votes for Jed, with the assertion that if he did half the chores he tries to delegate, it wouldn't be happening. Robb votes for Shii Devil because they never clicked and she gets on his nerves. He calls her a sweetheart and says, "Catch ya on the flip side, baby." And that's all we see. Gong!

Peachy returns from the tallying with a newly acquired lightness of step. The votes: Jed; Jed, with an accompanying Penny-wise happy face; Shii Ann; "Shi"; "S.A." -- not even an attempt to spell it; Jed; "Dr. Jed"; and finally, Jed. So Jed it is; he very slowly brings Peachy his torch while Shii Devil doesn't even try to disguise her grin. Penny looks concerned; Stephanie, more so. Jake appears to fall asleep.

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