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We rejoin Chuay Gahn sitting around the fire. Gandhia chews and looks typically pissed off. Brian doesn't chew and looks typically blank-faced. Ghandia explains that she didn't sleep well last night; she feels depressed and "used." When Ted joins Ghandia and Brian, Ghandia grudgingly agrees that he can sit down. In a voice-over, she reveals that she's gotten close to Ted, and that "it always seems that" she's sleeping beside him. Because she can't move or anything. She tells us that, the previous night, Ted put his arm over Ghandia and pulled her close, and that was fine with her at first. She continues that he then "started to, like, really, um, become, um, become very kind of sexual." "Kind of sexual"? More specifically, she says he was "grinding" against her and kept trying to -- in her opinion -- "engage" her. She thinks that Ted's behavior is inappropriate because he's married and just had a baby. Also, she thinks he should respect her as a married woman. I guess then she'd also think it was inappropriate for me to start referring to her as Grindia. (And Zron, you and I have to share this tm -- great minds thing alike!) She exclaims, "You can't just do [Grindia] like that!" And no, you can't just "do" her; she needs at least a little rice and some freshly poured coconut juice to get her in the mood.

Grindia insists that she's not "gonna go for it," and tells Ted, "You went up on me last night!" He shitmouths that if he's not "totally clear" while sleeping, he thinks he's with his wife. He promises not to hold or hug Grindia anymore, because he forgets he's not in bed with his wife. Grindia explains that the event was "really comprising [sic]," and that she feels like "such trash" today. She should feel like trash for lots of reasons, but not because Ted inappropriately came on to her. If he did. And I'm not getting in the middle of that one. Ted also thinks she shouldn't feel like trash because he wasn't in his "total mind" when he tried to "start something" with her. He apologizes if he's offended her, because it wasn't done maliciously. Grindia tears up as she reveals that it's happened to her before; she's been raped. He says -- with bizarre excitement in his voice -- "Did it really? Honestly? Were you really? Get outta here!" He apologizes again (but not for his weird response), and the Grindia tells him that people accused her of bringing it on herself. She feared that Ted would pretend that the incident the night before didn't happen, and he explains that he intended to talk to her later but hadn't yet had the opportunity. Grindia is glad Ted apologized, and says she feels much better. When Ted asks for forgiveness, she smilingly bestows it upon him, along with a hug and kiss. She calls him a "good person," and he tells her that she doesn't have to worry about it happening again. But if he really can't control himself while he's asleep, it seems like a difficult promise to make. As they walk away from the exchange, Ted voice-overs that Chuay Gahn has always been a family and will continue to be one. Despite the incident, he thinks they can pull together as a tribe. Now we join the rest of the tribe as they maneuver through a series of wacky stretches. Jan does shoulder rolls and Brian strikes Karate Kid-type poses. Clay -- who appears to be trying to increase his bust -- says, "We got some ass-kickin' to do!" Then it's a good thing his two-year-old is not around. You'll see what I mean later.

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