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Neck and Neck

The members of Sook Jai walk back to camp looking bothered and, in Penny's case, bloody. In an interview, Robb whines that he doesn't mind being beaten, but he's bitter because they got "chomped." He complains that he only had to put his hands out to knock Clay off. If "out" means "around Clay's neck." He calls Clay a "weak little whiny punk" and then scornfully mutters, "Backwoods hick!" He wants to know whether the others heard Clay, and makes a series of yodeling Muppet noises to imitate the sounds Clay made while Robb strangled him. Robb says it made him want to spit in Clay's face. In an interview, Shii Devil says that "Robb, idiot that he is," talks too much and has no time for logical thought because his mouth is always "flapping." Robb proclaims the tribe "ape strong," but he may mean "eight strong." He goes on to say Sook Jai will kick ass in the immunity challenge, which is what matters. He insists that he's not a sore loser because Sook Jai didn't lose to a better team; it lost by "a bunch of rules." In the end, he doesn't give a shit, because he "got a good shot on homeboy from the backwoods. And big Teddy wasn't so big!" Ken looks at Robb and smiles, but it's more "he's crazy and I'd better smile before he tries to choke me too" than "ha ha he's so funny." The Robb segment continues as he tells us that he was disappointed by the Red Beret reward, even though he knows they could have been helpful. He drools -- really, he does -- as he says, "I was hoping they'd bring like a big turkey or sumpin'. Sumpin'!" Robb's enough turkey -- or turkeyy as the case may be -- to go around. ["I am convinced that Robb was grown in a lab for the express purpose of starring in a reality show. He's as moronic as he is despicable, yet he's reasonably telegenic." -- Wing Chun]

Back at Chuay Gahn, they're excited for the arrival of the Red Berets; Ted brags that he knew, before going to Thailand, that they were the equivalent of the U.S.'s Green Berets, so he's sure they'll be helpful. The Red Berets immediately get to work, eating bark off the trees and whatnot. The tribe follows suit. As they work together, Clay tells us that they thought they had nothing to eat, but that the Red Berets showed them a lot. He exclaims, "I'm gon' tell you what. These guys are sharp!" Too sharp, anyway, to admit on national television that they beat their children. That, again, later. Helen swears to God that the Red Berets can make anything with their knives and bamboo. Chop, chop, split, split, mash. Helen says it's "Thai cooking like she's never seen before," and that if the Red Berets can eat it, so can the tribe. Brian tells us that there's a "genuine feeling of niceness" among the group, because they're all comfortable with each other. He drinks from a little trough, winks, and says, "Ah, ooh, now that's good. Good. Good. Not bad. Very good. Thank you." Seriously. He explains that when the tribe loses its "genuinity [sic]," problems will result. We know where this is leading: directly to a loss of said genuinity.

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