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Fans vs. Favorites vs. Probst

Probst asks Cirie how many nights she's spent thinking about that last challenge she lost and the fact that it pretty much cost her a million dollars. That's what we're going to ask Cirie? Nothing about her masterful game-play and all the awesome things she did this season? We're just going to make her relive that one fuck-up? Awesome, Probst. Cirie says she thinks about it every single night, of course. "Was that your only mistake? Your biggest mistake?" Probst needles. Yes, it was. Now how about we focus on her many non-mistakes? Cirie says she thinks it was her only mistake as we watch the terrible moment replayed. Probst asks Cirie if the women's alliance sat around talking about how easily the men were being manipulated. Why yes, they did, Probst. In fact, we saw them doing just that many times on the show, so we don't need to go over it again. Probst asks how certain Cirie was that their plan would work. "Certain things with certain people," Cirie says carefully, as we cut to a shot of Erik. Erik has not cut his hair since leaving the island, so it's looking as fluffy and Farah Fawcetty as ever! Cirie continues that she wouldn't have tried what she did with Erik on, say, Jonathan. They just happened to have a group of young, naïve guys who were easier to control. And with that, Cirie gives a shout-out to someone named Jean, saying she loves and is praying for her. I guess that's her mother since Probst says, "It's Mother's Day, it's all right." Though I don't know why Cirie would call her mother by her first name. Maybe it's her mother-in-law?

Probst moves down the line to Natalie, saying she "came out of nowhere" as a "raging fill-in-the-blank." She nods. I realized the other day that she lives near me. I am terrified of, like, accidentally ramming my shopping cart into hers at Trader Joe's and then getting disemboweled for it. Probst asks Natalie about the reaction she's gotten "on the street." Probst is obsessed with the people on the street tonight. Natalie says she's gotten some nasty comments on Myspace, but that's okay. Probst asks Natalie if the version of her we saw towards the end is the real Natalie. Natalie just says she was making a conscious effort in the beginning of the game to fly under the radar and keep quiet and subdued, since she knows that she is an outspoken, opinionated person and that could turn people off. "And when it was time for me to come out, I came out," she says. "Is that you?" Probst asks again. "There are a million layers to me as a human being. I'm a very complex individual," Natalie says. "Is. That. One. Of. Them," Probst asks yet again, getting impatient. "I'm a loving, kind, generous, amazing human being," Natalie says. You know, if you have to say that, it usually means it isn't true. She will acknowledge that what we saw of her is one of her millions of layers. Natalie: Survivor's multiple-personality onion.

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